“Market Rasen will retain free parking,” says council leader

Market Rasen Town Sign ENGEMN00120120529081843
Market Rasen Town Sign ENGEMN00120120529081843
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Market Rasen’s campaign to keep free parking in the town centre has received a boost after West Lindsey District Council leader Jeff Summers repeated his support for it.

The move comes as Town Mayor John Matthews plans to meet WLDC chief executive Manjeet Gill, where the town’s free parking is “top of the agenda.

“Market Rasen will retain free parking. That would be my desire. I would like to see free parking in Gainsborough,” Coun Summers told the Rasen Mail.

The West Lindsey council leader said parking charges would restrict people from coming into town and spending money.

“What we would earn by charging for parking, it would hardly cover the cost of the machines and paying somebody to police it. The town needs freedom,” he said.

Mayor Matthews said a date hasn’t been set for his meeting with the WLDC chief executive but a town council “working group” has been organising things.

Town and district councillor Ken Bridger told the Rasen Mail that council officers keep “putting the matter forward” but since they “have a lot on their plate” with regards to working on the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, he did not expect any further developments until the New Year.

Coun Bridger said he had spoken to other district councillors on the free parking issue and noted support from Coun Summers and other members.

“When you look at the figures, we should keep free parking,” he said.

Coun Bridger says he expects to receive more information on the issue from Guildhall staff.

“We will wait until the New Year. Then the gloves come off,” he said.