Market Rasen treasure hunters bag £9,000 gold bullion

Sue and Mick Blackburn with Joe Blissett EMN-141030-161813001
Sue and Mick Blackburn with Joe Blissett EMN-141030-161813001

A Market Rasen area couple have bagged a 10oz gold bullion worth around £9,000 in an innovative treasure hunt which saw more than 100 people hunting for treasure across East Lincolnshire.

When Sue Blackburn suggested to her husband Mick she would like the to enter The Riddle of the Marshes treasure hunt, neither of them thought they would go on to win it.

Organised by the Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes Project, participants were given six months to find the answers to a riddle which would unlock a vault containing the gold.

“I think we are both still in shock,” said Mr Blackburn.

“When Sue saw this treasure hunt we thought that we would have a go as it is the sort of thing that we enjoy doing, but we never thought that we would win – we never win anything.

“I have no idea what we will do with the gold as we didn’t think that we would win it so didn’t think about that. We have already put it in the bank, but apart from that we don’t know yet.”

The treasure hunt was thought up by Project Officer Joe Blissett as a novel way of encouraging people to learn about and explore local wildlife and history by solving clues based around myths, mysteries, folklore and the rich cultural heritage of the Lincolnshire Coastal Grazing Marshes which stretch from Grimsby to Gibraltar Point.

“Lincolnshire’s Coastal Grazing Marshes helped bring prosperity and global links to this little known corner of England, in fact East Lindsey has an awful lot of history behind the landscape we see today and one which is also incredibly important to wildlife throughout the seasons,” explained Joe.

“Without an understanding of what we’ve got, we’re in danger of losing it forever through changes in farming and an increasing population.

“The prospect of winning the gold bullion has helped us to promote the area’s extraordinary history and wonderful natural environment to residents and visitors alike.”