Market Rasen fire expert to educate African children

Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett

A fire expert from Market Rasen is travelling to Africa to give desperately needed safety advice to children.

Mark Bennett is Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue’s education officer and later this year will spend three weeks in a remote south Ugandan district.

The 40-year-old will work in schools and orphanages educating young people about the dangers of fire.

Mark said: “Children are routinely locked into school dormitories at night where they sleep in wooden bunk beds stacked three high.

“These dormitories have barred windows and often have no electricity or smoke alarms. This means that children turn to using candles to read at night and are kept awake by paraffin heaters. This combination has proved deadly and before the training came into force, deaths were a regular occurrence.

“I’m hoping that by travelling to the region and using my expertise as a fire education officer and my work leading the Lincoln branch of the Young Firefighters that I can really make a positive difference to the local communities. I’ll be educating them on the dangers of fire, how to act in an emergency situation and how to help those injured by fire.”

Training will use interactive lessons, what to do when fire occurs and evacuation.

Mark is appealing to businesses to support the project and donate essential items for Ugandan police forces. Call him on 01522 582222, e-mail or visit