Marion Todd (Knapton) (née Johnson)

Marion Todd
Marion Todd

THE funeral of Marion Todd took place at Great Grimsby Crematorium and was officiated by the Rev Andrew Lomax.

Mrs Todd died in The Diana Princess Of Wales Hospital in Grimsby on August 22.

Arrangements were by J W Varlow and Son of Chapel Street Caistor.

Immediate family mourners were: Andrew and Debbie Knapton (son and daughter-in-law), Sean Trott (grandson), Lily Knapton (granddaughter), John and Jo Knapton (son and daughter-in-law, also rep Imogen Knapton – granddaughter), Chris Johnson (nephew, also rep Debbie and Haywood Chapman, family – niece and nephew), David and Jean Johnson (brother and sister-in-law), Vera Plaskitt (sister), Robert and Lean Plaskitt (nephew and niece, also rep Adam, Ellen), Stephen Plaskitt (nephew, also rep Helen, Catherine, Eddie), Barbara Knapton, Ray and Delia Vickers (sister-in-law and brother-in-law, rep Martin Vickers – nephew, Lynn and family), Neil and Ellen Knapton (brother-in-law and sister-in-law, also rep Giles, Sarah and family, niece and nephew, Sonja, Jon and family, niece and nephew), Paul and Kate Knapton (brother-in-law and sister-in-law, also rep Louise and family – niece, Clare and family – niece).

Other mourners present were: Pauline and John Maultby (sister and brother-in-law), Lesley Pepperdine (sister-in-law), Helen Maultby (niece, also rep Saul and family), Sarah Maultby (niece, also rep Pete and family), Richard and Jacquie Johnson (nephew and niece, also rep Neil and Becky Johnson and family – nephew and niece) Philip Vickers (nephew, also rep Mary Vickers and family)

Mary Hewson (cousin), Richard Knapton (cousin), Mary Chamberlain (cousin), James and Janet Hewson (cousin), John and Joyce Cowling (cousin), Mr and Mrs Ken Knapton (cousin), Claude and Jean Matthews (cousin), Norman and Glenys Arrand (cousin), Michael and Janet Knapton (cousin), David and Jacqueline Knapton (cousin), Richard and Molly Stringfellow (cousin), Barbara Harris (cousin, also rep Beryl Allison), Jeff and Ann Langton, David and Janice Lyle, Mr and Mrs F Sellars, Keith and Vi Knapton, Geoff and Maureen Brown, Dave and Pat Pilsworth, Dave and Dawn Turner, George and Mary Thompson, Mr and Mrs D Smith, Steve and Michaela Tomlinson, Mr and Mrs M Thirlwell, Steven and Susan Miles, Mr and Mrs John Norman, Josh and Noreen Lee, John and Sheila Spence, Roy and Margaret Thomson, Bob and Pamela Dixon, Ted and Jean Plusa, Jonathan and Zoe Campbell, John and Chris Edwards (also rep Lee Edwards), Tony and Freda Clark (also rep Keith and Ann Vickery), Dave and Rose Morwood (rep the Morwood family, Mrs A Snell), David Beacock, Peter Emerson, Carl Oswin, David Scott, Graham Thompson, Shaun Eaton, Graham Everett, Geoff Casely, M Iremonger (also rep Betty), John Smith (also rep Kathleen), Trevor Knapton (also rep Sandra), Colin Everett (also rep Mrs C Everett and Mrs J Keedy), Pat Woodcock, Jackie Nicholson, Claire Balderson, June Towns, Delia Dowse, Maureen Cook, Helen Middleton, Margaret Dale, Julie Pilsworth, Michelle Gibbs, Brenda Cammack, Doreen Bull, Sheila Finn, Lisa Spauls, Kelly Gray, Margaret Maultby, Hazel Hunt, Dorothy Cramond, Zoe Marsh, Nicola Cox, Victoria Cox, Joan Knudson, Sue Soady, Chris Johnson (also rep Dave Johnson), Janine Harrison (also rep Malc Waters), Carol Harrison (also rep Trevor Harrison), Ruby Clarke (also rep Mr and Mrs M Richardson), Carol MacFarlane (also rep Stuart MacFarlane, Iain MacFarlane), Maureen Haylett (also rep Dee Kadansky and Fran Preston), Brenda Knapton (also rep Margaret King, Noel and Margaret Knapton), Pam Matthews (also rep Ian Hyde, Marion’s partner, Ann Measures, Thelma Henry, Henry and Barbara Guilliatt).