Margaret Lucy Bett

IT was with such sadness that family, friends and neighbours heard of the death of Margaret Lucy Bett, who passed away at her home in Hainton.

Margaret, aged 84, was born at Manor Farm, Benniworth, but had lived in Hainton from the age of three.

Having cared for her parents and brother, she had had an enjoyable life, loving farming and the countryside.

She was a member of St Mary’s Church at Hainton and the Louth F.W.C.

Margaret was also an avid supporter of the local cricket team and loved all country sports, including point-to-point and racing at Market Rasen.

She will be sadly missed by so many, as was shown by the great number of mourners at the service in Hainton Church, where the Rev Charles Patrick and the Rev Chris Harrington officiated. She is survived by her sister, Beryl Bett.

Family mourners included: Beryl Bett (sister); Mrs H Russell (sister-in-law); John and Penny Russell, Priscilla and Jim Barnes, Stuart and Jenny Russell, Ben Russell, Mrs S and Tristian Russell (nephews and nieces); Miss M Welton, John Bett, Mr and Mrs Stanley Cole, Mrs S Paine, Ann Anson, Mr Cress, Liz Bonner (cousins).

Funeral arrangements were made by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Names taken at church: Sue Millson; Nina Maplethorpe (also representing Jane Marshall); Mr and Mrs F Chamberlin (also representing Mr and Mrs Cyril Gray); Mr and Mrs D and P Chamberlain; Kay and Jim How; Liz and Eric Bell (also representing Kevin Bell); Valerie Hicks; Jean Bee; Mr and Mrs B Chambers; Evelyn Nicholls; Mrs G Campion (also representing Mr and Mrs R Beaumont); Mrs K Tonge (also representing Mr and Mrs C Campion); Mr and Mrs Richard Stamp; Mr and Mrs T C Ringrose; Mary Jordan; Joyce Ward (also representing Sid Ward); Keith Spenlow (also representing Susan Spenlow); Sue Cosgrove (also representing Mrs Sarah Ford); Miss S Cosgrove (also representing Sandra White); Mr M Poucher (also representing Mr and Mrs B Poucher); Mrs W Lancaster (also representing Mr W Lancaster and Mr R Lancaster); Graham and Sylvia Mowbray; Sheila Minns (also representing Mr Minns); Colin and Mary Lee; Hugh and Monica Bourn (also representing Tom Thornally); Mr and Mrs D Stephenson; Ann Hobbins; Mark and Pat Barthorpe; Patricia Borrows (also representing Richard Wingate); Wilf Wallis; Keith Lee (also representing the Lee family and Margaret Bett of Louth); Mrs A N Kerr; Angela Chatterton (also representing Hugh Chatterton); John Burkitt (also representing Mrs Burkitt); Louise Todd; Julia Robinson; Matthew Robinson; Phil Parsons; Jan Ireland (also representing Charles and Sally); Robert Jackson; Marion and Eric Tuplin; Peter Tuplin; Steve Alcock (also representing Yvonne Alcock); Mrs J Lucas (also representing Market Rasen Race Course); Betty Chamberlain; Mr and Mrs Cresswell (Bonner – cousin); Ann Needham (also representing Robert and the family); George Albone; David Todd (also representing Mr and Mrs Alec Taylor); Rachel Challis; Stephen Challis; Sue Robinson; Den and Joy Libell; Graham and Ali Heath; William and Carole Wallis (also representing Mr and Mrs Mike Perkins, Mr and Mrs J Sergeant); Mr and Mrs B Stuart; John Golland (also representing the Selby family – Benniworth); Pat and Henry Smith; Jean and Frank Wallis (also representing Jean Meggison); Joan and Derek Littleworth; Doris Woodhall; Ann and Peter White; Mr and Mrs Dickinson; Christopher Dickenson; Roberta Heneage; Christopher Heneage; John Simpson (also representing Betty Jackson and Pat Grant); Mr and Mrs David Stephenson (also representing Pat Needham and Louth FWC); Tristian Russell (also representing Shirewood Holsteins); Susan Russell (also representing Marcus and Sadie, Andrew and Gemma); Margaret Welton (cousin); Kevin Ashton; Mr and Mrs Keith Dalton; Helen and Michael Waring; Mrs P Hall; Christine Garbutt; Mr G Noon (also representing Mrs I Noon, Mr and Mrs A Humphries); Mr and Mrs John Bonas; Mr and Mrs Leslie Wilson; Mrs A Musson; Ann Harrap; Christine Kirby; Maureen Berry; Mr and Mrs Goy; Mr and Mrs John Jackson; Carole Bacon (also representing Eileen Cartwright); Margaret Pinney (also representing Elaine Burt); Mrs S Heath; Peter Wilkinson; Kay Badley (also representing Mr and Mrs R Goodyear – Woodhall Spa); Tony Morrell (also representing Ann Morrell); Paul Hodson; Gerald Neave; Janet Stubbs (also representing Roland Stubbs); Malcome Thackery; Doreen Mundy; David Cosgrove (also representing Sarah Ford); Tony and Lyn Ward; Georgina Carter (also representing Bob Carter); Joyce Stott (also representing John Stott and family); Keith Blakey; Mr and Mrs S Cole; Mr S Campion; John Lucas (also representing Market Rasen Racecourse); Mrs M Turnball (also representing the Woodcock family); Rosemary Needham (also representing Richard Needham); John Bett (also representing Ann and David Bett); Mary Brader (also representing Ralph Brader and Dora Langworthy); Charles Brader (also representing the Brader family); Annabel Campbell (also representing Dr R Campbell); Jane Johnson; Janet Scott; M Garbutt; Steve and Jane Larder; Mr and Mrs J Coulson (also representing the family); Keith Wallis (also representing Irene Wallis); Jack Machin (also representing Pam Machin); Jane Wright (also representing David Hollands); Rachel Dray; Della Armstrong (also representing David Armstrong); Carol Stephenson (also representing Mark Stephenson); Steven Dixon (also representing Eric Dixon); Barbara Baker; Keith and Kay Olivant; Marilyn Tompkins; Martin Thompson; Josephine Moore; Sara Pain; Margaret Davenport; Marcus Edmonson.