Margaret Ann Houlden

A SERVICE of thanksgiving was held at All Saints Church, Wragby, on February 20 for the life of Margaret Ann Houlden, fondly known as Peggy, who sadly passed away at her home on February 3.

Peggy, aged 75, was born at Langworth as one of six brothers and a sister.

She attended school in Langworth and Fiskerton before leaving to work in Woolworths in Lincoln, cycling every day to work.

She was later employed at Wragby Plastics.

On meeting Reg Houlden, the couple courted and finally married in 1958 at Low Barlings.

They made their first home at Baumber before moving to The Crescent in Wragby in the early 1960s.

The couple had one son, Barry.

Peggy always had time to listen and encourage Barry and took pleasure in knitting for the family and knitting socks and gloves to be sent to needy children.

She was very skilful at making her own patterns and designs and many happy years followed with her love of gardening.

Peggy also shone in the kitchen, making Christmas dinners with all home-made ingredients, delicious crumbles and plum bread.

Peggy had a very caring nature and enjoyed working in residential homes including Willan House at Stainfield.

She was also the lollipop lady, helping children cross the road safely on their way to school in Wragby.

In more recent years, Peggy was able to add to her collections of teaspoons and squirrels and complete some beautiful embroidery work..

There were many holidays to Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire and the coast, always taking in lots of long walks.

Reg and Peggy’s silver wedding anniversary trip was to Innsbruck in Austria, which was a very special occasion.

The family always meant so much to her.

She loved baby-sitting and then seeing her grandchildren, Amy, Vicky, Ollie and Emma, growing up.

Peggy was always a very strong and determined lady and, in the last few years with ill health, she showed herself to be a real fighter.

She never complained and was always very positive and an inspiration to many friends and neighbours who drew strength from her example.

She is now survived by her husband Reginald Ralph Houlden and son Barry Reginald Houlden and will be sadly missed by so many.

The service was officiated by the Rev Mark Houlden. Family mourners: Reginald Ralph Houlden, husband; Barry and Caroline Houlden, son and daughter-in-law; Amy, Vicky, Ollie and Emma Houlden, grandchildren; Jim, Pete, Andy McBain and Vera McBain, brothers and family; Pat Houlden; Betty Matkin and Shirley Wilkinson, sisters-in-law.

Names taken at church: John Jones; Thelma and Sam Humberstone; Olive Paul; Mr and Mrs Brackenbury; Bob Paul; Mr and Mrs Brian Lingard; Ray Blackbourn; Alwyn Johnson; Murial Whittaker; Sharon Barnes; Miss T Blakey, also representing Sallie Laughton; Renee Mullen; Pauline Cooper; Doug Clark; Reg Williams – also representing Jean Williams; Mrs V Segasby; Bill Brewer; Anthony Dixon; Nora Blackburn; Barbara Blackburn; Bet Lamming, also representing the family; Eric Taylor; Gordon Blackburn; Mrs Hillreiner; Brenda and David Bodily – also representing Flo Shepherd; Mr and Mrs Norman Hopper; Doreen and John Perry; Betty Ward; Mr Fisher – also representing Mrs Wendy Fisher; David Westbury, also representing Eileen Westbury; John Edwards, also representing Lynne Edwards; Ann Harris; John and Yvonne McBain; Vicky James; Jayne Ingall, also representing Lesley Fabriss; Grant Hinchliffe, also representing Joanne Hinchliffe; Benny Hinchliffe; Kate Wright; Graham Osborne; Ray Graham, also representing Betty and Sally Graham; Linda and Richard Phillipson; Margaret Jones; Mr and Mrs McBain; Mr and Mrs Steve Alcock; Jack and Julie Peckham; Jamie Asher; Amanda Mumford; Doreen Williams; Ken Davison; Bernard Pixsley, also representing Janet Pixsley; Marina Masters; Liz Rogers; Mr and Mrs A Tomlinson; Mr and Mrs Young; Alan and Clare Wilkinson; Dean and Sarah Wilkinson; Mr and Mrs P G Houlden also representing Mr R & J Houlden; Mr and Mrs Ian McBain; Vera McBain; Patrick and Sam Houlden; Sylvia Lowman; Edith Nash, also representing Victor Nash; Kay Franklin and Sheila Cartwright, organist.

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative.