Making the right choice for your child

ONE of the most important decisions in any child’s life is which school they want to attend.

Choosing the right one has become easier with websites that list after-school activities as well as recent developments and league tables.

Make sure you visit each school’s open day and take the time to speak to the teachers about the way the school is run.

Remember to ask the pupils too, they’ll know best!

Entering the next stage in your education, whether to reception, primary or secondary school means broadening your life, meeting a whole range of new people and starting out on life’s lessons.

It can be daunting for a child, progressing into a new environment and scary for a parent who has to see their child grow up, perhaps faster than they want to.

There are a wide range of challenges that occur at the start of school – from learning to make new friends to learning to speak a new language or a new equation.

Choosing schools can be a difficult but rewarding choice, the right school will help guide a child through those vitally important early years.

As well as learning new skills, progression through education gives you more choice to specialise in the subjects you find interesting.

Finally readying you for a trip to university or into a job at the end of your school days.

With more and more technology being introduced to make education exciting and relevant, there has never been a better time to be a child or a parent.