Make One Small Hop

Rabbit Awareness Week EMN-140428-151036001
Rabbit Awareness Week EMN-140428-151036001

Rabbit owners in the East Midlands are being called upon to make ‘One Small Hop’ next month to improve their bunnies’ health.

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) takes place from May 10 to May 18 and is kick-starting a campaign to encourage rabbit owners to make ‘One Small Hop’ of change to the care routine of their rabbits.

“The sole aim of RAW is to educate owners about responsible rabbit ownership and improve the wellbeing of the UK’s one million pet rabbits,” said Hatti Cawley, RAW spokesperson for RSPCA.

“A large proportion of rabbit owners aren’t aware of the five welfare needs of their bunnies so we want to simplify the way pet owners approach the care of their rabbits this year, leaving the decision of which ‘One Small Hop’ to make first in the hands of the owner.”

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