Major worries over new homes

Caistor sign EMN-151211-113615001
Caistor sign EMN-151211-113615001

Caistor Town Council has raised concerns about major new housing developments posposed as part of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.

Councillors called an extraordinary meeting to discuss the proposals - and identified problems with several of the six potential sites.

They also expressed general concerns over the town’s infrastructure, saying there needed to be ‘major improvements’ to be able to cope with any development.

As part of the proposed Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, 563 new homes could be built in Caistor by 2036.

Coun Deborah Barker said: “We’ve got a lot of people in the town who’ve had houses for sale for a very long time so how can we justify building all these houses if people have had houses for sale for quite a long time and can’t sell them.”

Caistor councillors were particularly worried about development on land adjacent and to the rear of Roman Ridge in Brigg Road.

They say the site is close to a “dangerous” bend and is a known “black spot” for accidents.

And councillors are concerned a development here would destroy the landscape.

A council statement said: “The site is situated in an area known locally as Waterhills and is used extensively for recreation.

“Council has concerns that it will destroy an area of great landscape value.

“Caistor is promoting itself as an area for green tourism and development of this land will reduce the visual amenity within the town itself and also affect views from the Wolds and AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

“There is also concern regarding the adverse impact on nature conservation.”

Concerns were also raised about drainage.

Coun Clive Rudd said: “I’ve spoken to a lot of people in Caistor and I would say 99 per cent of Caistor residents are really opposed to it.”

Councillors said their concerns over the Brigg Road site also applied to another proposed site on land north of North Street.

The council is requesting that the Local Plan looks collectively at all brownfield sites in the centre of town that need to be addressed, as well as an area of land next to the Caistor Sports and Social Club ground, further down Brigg Road.

And there were further fears over a potential housing development on land north of Navigation Lane.

Councillors said access was already “overstretched” and that there was an ancient monument within the 

A council statement said: “Council is aware that there is a scheduled ancient monument site ie medieval fish ponds within the proposed site.

“Council has concerns that access via Navigation Lane is already overstretched.

“Any application for planning must ensure infrastructure works in tandem with development.”

These concerns also apply to land at Sunnyside, west of Tennyson Close, the meeting was told.

The only two sites the council did not raise any fears about were Caistor Hospital in North Kelsey Road and land to the south of North Kelsey 

Councillors said that provided infrastructure improvements were made, they did not have any objections to these sites for residential 

Members pointed out they had already backed a development for 60 premanent dwellings at Wolds Retreat in Brigg Road.

The meeting took place in Caistor Town Hall on October 26.