Loss of ‘life line’ link to Brigg for villagers

Villagers in the Kelsey area are up in arms at the likely loss of their lifeline link bus to the Tesco store in Brigg.

The bus runs on three days and the pick up at South Kelsey has proved popular according to resident Jenny McDonough who was among those surprised to hear the bus will stop running from March 28.

She said: “The bus is always at least half full. If this bus finishes the older people who use it as a weekly lifeline will be the hardest hit.”

The service is funded by Tesco but operated by Holloways Coaches. The only other bus to Brigg runs on a Thursday and is used by villagers to get to the popular weekly market.

“The loss of the service is bound to affect shops in Brigg for we don’t just go to Tesco, we also go into town,” added Mrs McDonough.

“People from the villages served by the bus bank in Brigg and go to the Post Office too.”

Chris James, duty manager at Tesco, said: “This is something that we do not deal with in store but is dealt with at head office.”

At the time of going to press a response from Tesco Head Office had not been received.