Looking to put power into Caistor

RESIDENTS of Caistor are being asked to think green when it comes to energy.

Caistor Energy Partnership is supporting a local farmer with intentions of building a biogas plant on his farm.

The farmer is keen to work with the local community, so a proposal is being developed that involves selling the renewable electricity it generates to a green energy company, with Caistor residents having the opportunity to purchase this energy at reduced rates.

“Wouldn’t it be fantastic if people could buy clean electricity from their own local green energy plant at a price cheaper than the normal tariff,” said Peter Sanderson of Sustainable Caistor, speaking on behalf of the partnership.

“They would be helping to combat climate change, supporting the local agricultural economy and saving money all at the same time.”

The more residents who sign-up via the chosen green energy company, the cheaper the tariff will be.

This proposal is a change in direction from the previous well-supported biogas plan, which a further feasibilty study showed there would not be enough waste generated to work.

The plan has now won through to the final round of the “Buy Better Together Challenge” run by the government Department for Business Innovation and Skills, where the winner will receive funding to help bring the ‘Putting Power into Caistor’ plan into reality.

Residents can register support for the idea at www.surveymonkey.com/s/73HX3LK.