Lincolnshire Co-responder stalwarts recognised for service

David Ramscar, Dr Simon Topham, Dr Yvonne Owen and Steve Pratton at the awards EMN-150413-181414001
David Ramscar, Dr Simon Topham, Dr Yvonne Owen and Steve Pratton at the awards EMN-150413-181414001

Co-Responder fire and rescue firefighters from the Louth area were among those recognised for 10 years voluntary service to LIVES.

The charity’s held the award ceremony at the fire and rescue headquarters in Lincoln.

Clinical director of LIVES, Dr Simon Topham and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue C.F.O, David Ramscar, presented 28 attending firefighters with a 10 Year Award – recognising the co-responders dedication to the charity and continued support of their local community.

Dr Topham said: “I was extremely proud to be part of the 10-Year-Award ceremony, which celebrated the work of these amazing individuals from across Lincolnshire, all of who have devoted their time to LIVES.

“All of these firefighters have served the community in an integral way and helped to provide invaluable pre-hospital care to local people during medical emergencies.

“The LIVES fire and rescue scheme is a crucial service, which was launched to enable firefighters to work alongside LIVES during emergencies. I am pleased to see how far the scheme has come and we will continue to develop the scheme across Lincolnshire and see how it can grow.”

In a co-responding role, local firefighters support LIVES during medical emergencies – co-responders help to deliver first aid, provide oxygen therapy and administer defibrillation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Trustee of LIVES, Dr Yvonne Owen MBE played a major part in the launch and running of the fire and rescue scheme. The scheme has allowed LIVES to equip and train firefighters in Lincolnshire with the necessary skills and tools they need to act in emergencies and save lives.

Dr Owen said: “The award ceremony not only marked an incredible milestone and hard work of these co-responders, but also the success of the fire and rescue co-responder scheme. I have worked hard to support the scheme, and it has become an important part of LIVES services across Lincolnshire.”

The scheme has grown rapidly since it was established in 1999, and now has 21 local fire stations involved.