Lightning strike at Goltho church caused ‘irreplaceable loss of history’

Goltho Church
Goltho Church
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A fire that destroyed St George’s Church in Goltho, near Wragby, is thought to have been caused by lightening, according to The Churches Conservation Trust.

The Trust said last week’s blaze led to the irreplaceable loss of the historic church, along with it it’s most memorable features and unique items.

Rosi Lister, Director (North) of the Churches Conservation Trust said: “We are utterly devastated at the loss of this rare, Tudor brick-built church; the only remaining building from a long-lost settlement.

“To lose this church is to lose an entire repository of social history. St George’s gave local people a chance to learn about their past and their ancestry.

“We urge volunteers and donors to come forward and help us protect and preserve what we have left of our unique celebrated history.”

The damage extended to the nave, complete with mullioned windows dating back to the sixteenth century, and a Victorian bell cote containing a bell recovered from the church of St John the Baptist at Amber Hill. They were all destroyed. Items such as, stone ledgers from local fourteenth-century merchant families were also lost.

The name ‘Goltho’ is said to refer to ‘where the marigolds grow’ from Saxon times, The church was built in 1530.

It attracted many visitors, largely because of its previously atmospheric and simplistic style, containing rustic wooden pews and an alter screen.