Life-saving work blessed


AHEAD of the winter weather, church leaders gathered at highway depots across the county to bless the men and machines gritting our roads.

At the North Willingham depot, prayers were led by the Rev Charles Patrick, with the assistance of the Rev John Carr, Pastor Paul Hiley and Envoy Anne Chaplain.

The gritting ceremonies were begun by the Rt Rev David Saxbee during his time as Bishop of Lincoln, a legacy that is being continued.

The newly enthroned Bishop of Lincoln Christopher Lowson led the ceremony at the Sturton by Stow depot.

The Bishop said: “We all have a duty to use the roads sensibly and carefully to ensure the safety of ourselves and others, and we are enormously grateful for the hard work of those who salt the roads in all hours and in all weathers.

”This is an opportunity to pray for them in their work, and to remember we must all drive responsibly.”