Lack of leisure in town a ‘major issue’

Mill Road skate park, Market Rasen EMN-141003-121847001
Mill Road skate park, Market Rasen EMN-141003-121847001

An emotive plea to repair and renew Market Rasen’s skate park, which is in an “appalling condition” has been made by teenagers and parents.

Market Rasen Town councillors were grilled at their meeting last week as to why they had spent £59,000 on building a new junior playground and multi-use games area (MUGA) on Mill Road Playing Field, but had not rejuvenated the park’s skateboard and BMX ramps.

Skater Emilio Molave said: “The fixed ramps are in an appalling state.

“I’m talking about how safe they are. There are cracks in the ramps. Pieces of them are coming apart, they are rusted and not fit for us to use.”

Dr Elmer Molave questioned who was liable if someone was injured while using the skate park.

A recent ROSPA report on the skate park raised a number of health and safety concerns, but Mayor Steve Bunney said councillors were not looking to avoid liability for the park and maintenance work had been carried out during the autumn last year.

He added: “The next project to look at is the skate park and BMX track, but that will not happen overnight.

“I’m very conscious that Market Rasen has not got enough facilities for all age groups.

“I know the leisure opportunities in this town are poor and we do need to do something about it.

“Sadly we have very limited money. It’s like the Forth Bridge, it always needs painting, if you provide something for one age group you risk neglecting another.

“The fact people have to travel out of town is a major, major problem and I think it goes across generations.”

Blah said: “Do we have a timescale for this because I went down there today and it was appalling. As a parent I was shocked, you have a duty of care.”

Parent Tony Shambrook also questioned whether Mill Road Playing Field was the right location for a skate park as it was “out of sight” and attracted “undesirables.” and suggested De Aston Field as an alternative.

He said: “I have been to Mill Road and cleaned up cases of beer cans, seen syringes, glass, I’m constantly repairing my son’s BMX tyres because of punctures.

“Welton has an absolutely fantastic facility, but my son and his friends are having to travel out of the parish to enjoy activities.”

Coun Bunney said he would look to work with skaters and parents to look at improving the skate park, but it would cost £10,000s to install a new facility and would not happen in the short-term because of a lack of funding.