Kidney failure man in disability cash fight

Paul Godfrey EMN-140714-123430001
Paul Godfrey EMN-140714-123430001

A 32-year-old man who has had to stop working due to kidney and related heart problems is battling the government for a higher level of benefit.

Last month, we reported how David Godfrey, the father of Paul Godfrey, is organising a charity fundraiser in Wragby on Friday September 12 to help the National Kidney Federation, but now we can reveal how the NKF helps sufferers like Paul.

Paul was previously a £500 a week welder, but after nearly a year of trying to claim Personal Independence Payment, he has been awarded a ‘middle rate’ of £320 a month.

However, the father of two feels he should receive a higher rate, plus Motability allowance to help run a car, so is appealing to a tribunal.

“I am getting quite ill. The government gives it to the wrong people. I have always worked. It is not like I have sponged,” said Paul.

NKF advocate Sandy Lines, who will represent Paul, says many renal patients deserve a higher rate of benefit but “they (government) are tightening up on things.”

Paul, his father, and the NKF contacted the DWP, Capita and their MP Karl McCartney on this, with Paul saying “they didn’t do anything,”

However, a spokesman for Mr McCartney says the MP “always does his best to help constituents” as shown by letters between the various parties.