Kelsey picnic fun on the school field

A GIANT jubilee picnic will be held in North Kelsey on the school field from 11am-4pm on Sunday, June 3.

All the villagers have been invited by letter. There will be children’s races, mother and father races and a tug of war for men and women.

Free drinks at the village hall will be available. In the Methodist church there will be an art, craft and hobbies exhibition.

This will continue all afternoon until 4pm, as will the exhibition of memorabilia in the church.

There will be services in the church over the weekend, culminating at the end of the day with a North Kelsey Night at the Proms, with flags and patriotic songs followed by hot roast beef sandwiches.

A treasure hunt around the village will be ongoing all afternoon.

Organisers are hoping to see some vintage cars in the village hall car park where there will be ice cream on offer.

In the main hall it is hoped to have continuous dancing of the period.

All the children of the parish up to primary age will be receiving a bone china jubilee moneybox.