Keep the family warm this winter

Winter can catch you unawares unless your home is heatproofed and cosy.

Check out the best practical and decorative ways to ensure rooms are aglow and fit for the season.

It may be a mystery to those who lament the passing of summer, but home hibernators can’t wait for the chill in the air so they can cosy up at home.

Naturally, if you want to truly enjoy the cold winter months, it’s essential to prepare your nest properly.

Your home should be so snug you’re happy to stay in, and such a welcoming, cosseting sanctuary that envious friends never want to leave.

Toasting your toes in front of a fire, even if it’s fake, is one of the pleasures of winter, and there’s no need to feel left out in the cold if you haven’t got a chimney.

There are many attractive fires available which don’t need a flue (outside vent), but if you have a chimney, then a wood burning stove is the height of fashion.

And there are a host of companies and engineers in the Horncastle area ready to bring the warmth back to your living room.

A fifth of all the heat lost from a home escapes through window panes and frames, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

While double glazing’s a worthwhile investment, which will also improve the energy efficiency of your house, for a more budget solution, reduce bills by dressing windows with thermal curtains.

If you’re having curtains made, ask for floor-length with a medium to heavy weight interlining, and blackout or thermal lining, which all help to create a wonderful barrier against draughty windows.

A Duette Fixe Honeycombe Blind claims to cut heat loss by up to 34 per cent during the winter, as the double-walled design forms an air pocket and provides extra insulation.

And while numerous companies install complete double glazing systems, it’s worth checking out small companies in the area that can supply budget secondary window glazing, which can be self-installed.

If your living room’s still reflecting cool summer style, you need to get busy dressing it properly for the season, because pale, flimsy fabrics and a distinct lack of layers will be about as appealing as a fading tan.

And as texture and luxury are key trends in home decor, the high street stores have a feast of opulent-looking faux fur throws, velvet cushions and rich rugs, which shouldn’t turn your bank balance as red as those leaves.

After all, it’s essential to make sure your home doesn’t lag behind in the style stakes - giving you the perfect excuse to indulge in some retail therapy.

Don’t let winter catch you unawares: check out practical and decorative ways to ensure rooms are aglow and fit for the season.

Lastly make sure your boiler is serviced and won’t let you down when the cold nights set in this winter.