June Olga Gainsborough

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The funeral service for June Olga Gainsborough, of Caistor, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J W Varlow and Son.

Family mourners were: Delna Parr (daughter); Darrell Gainsborough (son); Adrian and Caroline Gainsborough (son and daughter-in-law); John Gainsborough (son); Diane Parr (granddaughter); Timothy Parr (grandson); Steven Parr (great-nephew); Alexander Gainsborough (grandson); Wallace Harker (brother-in-law); Mrs D Naisbitt (niece); Mr D and Mrs K Edwardson (niece and husband); Mr A and Mrs A Barrows (niece and husband); Mr N and Mrs J Beacock (nephew and wife); Tracy Colby, Samantha Colby (great-nieces); John Hewson (great-nephew, rep Mrs E Hewson, Miss J Hewson)

Others present in the congregation were: Mrs A Clark; Mr M and Mrs G James; Mr R and Mrs A Harrison (rep Mrs C Harrison, Mr T and Mrs O Atkin); Miss P Hollings (rep Mr R Hollings); Mrs J Holt (rep Mrs Y Holt); Mr D and Mrs J Naylor; Mrs C Shacklock (rep Mr P Shacklock, Mr V Shacklock, Southdale Service Station); Mrs Hills; Mr R and Mrs J Garner; Mr E and Mrs B Morris; Mrs I Thomas; Mrs J Clark; Mrs P Jacklin.