Juliet Calvert (nee Smith)

Juliet Calvert
Juliet Calvert

It was with such sadness that family, friends and neighbours heard of the death of Councillor Juliet Calvert, who passed away peacefully at her home in Wragby, on July 25, following a long illness borne with great courage.

Juliet was born on July 14, 1945 in Salford, Lancashire, youngest daughter of the late Frederick and Patricia Smith.

Her father worked for the Gas Board, while her mother was a singer/piano playing entertainer, so her childhood upbringing was rather different to most.

Her two older sisters had already versed her in reading and numbers, so her formal education at St Thomas of Canterbury’s RC School, Higher Broughton got off to a flying start.

Juliet recalled that unfortunately talking was more interesting than schooling, so she was chastised on numerous occasions for being a chatterbox.

Due to her parents work commitments, it meant that she rarely saw them and she was farmed out to friends who owned a public house on the edge of the moors and it was there that her love of animals and nature was fostered.

After the end of the war, her Uncle Tony, who had settled and married in America returned to England on a visit and took Juliet, aged 8, to Blackpool, the first time she had ever seen the seaside. At that time, Britain was still coming to grips with the aftermath of war and food rationing was still in place.

Her uncle’s tales of wealth and a better life in the USA led her father to consider uprooting the family and emigrating to America. Her father went first, with the rest of the family to follow, but her mother became seriously ill, added to which her elder sister had married, so the trip was delayed.

Eventually, when her mother regained good health, plans were made for the big move and in 1955 Juliet, mother and middle sister boarded a train from Manchester to Southampton to join the SS Queen Mary to travel to New York on their voyage to the new world.

Her father had found employment in Detroit at an automobile factory, so the family set up home and Juliet was enrolled in the local school.

Eventually her eldest sister and husband joined them so all the family were together again. However, a dark cloud was looming and, after almost five years, her father became homesick and decided they would return to England.

Still a minor, Juliet had to go with them, resuming her secondary education in Manchester and gaining employment as a Lab Assistant for ICI paints. Deciding it was not the job she wanted, she trained as a GPO telephonist and worked in the Manchester exchange.

During this same period, her father once again became unsettled and decided to return to America, so reluctantly in 1963, aged almost 18, Juliet sailed with her parents from Liverpool to Montreal.

This was not a happy time and Juliet returned to England in 1968. Sadly, her mother died in 1973, father again returned to America and so Juliet transferred with her work from Manchester to London, settling in Gillingham, Kent and became one of those celebrated commuters to “Town” making numerous travelling friends.

She eventually found work with an electrical contractor and, as their Office Manager, the position and salary enabled her to keep her head just above water.

It was while there that, one day when staff was short, she answered the phone to a very irate contractor...which started up conversations and eventually meeting and sharing a 24 year relationship with Malcolm.

The couple’s move to Wragby was made easy by numerous friends and acquaintances.

Juliet became passionate about the village and joined many groups and organisations.

The Wragby Heritage Group was so important to her and she worked long and tirelessly on their publication Where 5 Roads Meet. Many hours were spent trawling the history of Wragby, making sure every stone was turned and details were factually correct.

Juliet also served as Secretary for the Wragby Show and Country Fayre and again, did an amazing job, throughout the year and especially on show day.

The Wragby and District Resource Centre was an important facility in the village and Juliet became the Chairman of the then CAG (Centre Advisory Group, now known as CCG). During that time she promoted all projects and was the founder member of the Craft Club, running training sessions, especially her protege “Tea Big Folding”.

When the Scout and Guide H/Q was in desperate need of officers to keep the committee going, she put herself forward as secretary and was a great help to the leaders.

Juliet had always shown a keen interest in the running of Wragby and had been a positive member of the public at the Parish Council meetings.

It was the highlight for her when, this spring, she was elected as a Wragby Parish Councillor and, although her time was short lived, she played a very active part in council business to the end.

Juliet and Malcolm were married on March 22, 2011 at All Saints Church Wragby and it was in the same church, on August 23, that the service of thanksgiving was held, officiated by the Rev Mark Holden.

Juliet is survived by her husband Malcolm Calvert, sisters Linda and Heather and will be very sadly missed by them, along with her many neighbours, friends and acquaintances in Wragby.

Family mourners were: Malcolm Calvert (husband); Elaine and Ian Brown (step daughter and step son-in-law); Michael and Jacob Brown (step grandchildren); Organist Tony Witherford and Tracey Witherford.

Other mourners: Bob Clarke; Andrea Ward (also representing Tom Ward, Valerie Cooper, Gill Garrill and Jeanne Greenwood); Dorothy Warr (also representing Coun Nigel Bailey and Joanne Bailey); Brenda Bodily, June Staples and Jim Staples, Kate Wright, June Richardson, Sheila Fincham, June Miles, Mo Fricke (craft club); Mark Johnson; John Edwards; Eileen Rushby (also representing Wragby Show and Country Fayre); Janet Greenfield; Pam Machin (also representing Jack Machin and Mike Perkins); Ann Harris (also representing Wragby Players); Steve Cross (also representing Kerrie Fussey and staff at The Red Lion, Revesby); Bronwyn and Paul Wallis; Pat Abbott; Anne Lambert; Michelle Barnes; Mrs Barnes; Mandy Buxton-Rockley (also representing Glynn Buxton-Rockley, Ann and Ken Johnson); Sam Buxton-Rockley (also representing Emma Thurman); Yvonne Marshall; Gemma Marshall; Glen Marflitt (also representing Chris Marflitt); Victor and Edith Nash (also representing the Wragby Heritage Group); Dot and Mick Sandaver; Alice Hodgson; Gill Smith (also representing Coun Marcus Coleman); Roz and Doug Wiltshire; Fred and Margaret Robinson; Anne Flint; Linda Scott; Coun Leasha Bernard; Sonia Perry; Graham Osborne; Julie (Star Garage); Jean Tring; Ellie Sawyer; Sarah Sawyer; Pixie and Don Hughes; Mark, Elerie and Melys Thomas; Janice Bones; John; Coun Jo Knowles (also representing Wragby Parish Council); Eileen Espin; Melisa Davis (also representing Tom Buxton-Rockley and Wragby Co-op); Coun Vicky James; Wendy and Trevor White.

Funeral arrangements were made by J Marshall Funeral Directors of Market Rasen.