Joyce Rachel Bryan

Joyce Rachel Bryan
Joyce Rachel Bryan

IT WAS with great sadness that Market Rasen said farewell to former town mayor Joyce Rachel Bryan.

Joyce, aged 83 years, was an active member of the community. She belonged to St John Ambulance, Market Rasen Flower Club, Market Rasen Gardening Club and the Ladies Luncheon Club, as well as raising money for the ARC charity.

She served as a town councillor, taking on the role of Mayor in 1984, and received a long service medal as a WRVS volunteer.

Joyce was born in Ormskirk, Lancashire, and raised in Formby.

She trained in Huddersfield and Bradford to become a State Registered Nurse and worked in Ilkley and Leicester.

She moved to Market Rasen in 1973.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service in a full St Thomas’s Church.

Arrangements were by J Marshall.

Family mourners were: Anne and John Craig, Lynne and Peter Carter, Caren and Barry Tyson (daughters and sons-in-law); Carole Carter, Will Carter, Rebecca Tyson, Beth Tyson, Ross Tyson (grandchildren); Stephen Bryan, Jane, James and Emma (stepson and family); Helen Bryan (also rep Penny Clayton, Australia, stepdaughters).

Friends at the service were: Rose Weir; Brenda Bray; Cecile and Laurie Povey (also rep Market Rasen Ladies Luncheon Club and also Market Rasen Gardening Club); Dave Hollingworth; Mr and Mrs J Herring; Dawn and Gordon Brooks; Mrs J Sellars (also rep Mr and Mrs T Ives); Miss M Green; Mrs G Sorby; Mrs D Woodall (also rep Mr and Mrs D Woodall); Mrs J Read (also rep J Rogers); Mr J Dennis; Sheila Robinson (also rep Joan and Arthur Wilson); Desmond Page; Neville Hansard; Jill Tyson (also rep Mrs B Tyson); Marion Peatfield; David Roberts (also rep Amanda Roberts); Elizabeth Nicholl; Alice Shipley (Doncaster); Sheila Pickering (also rep G Hart and also The Poplars); Robin; Betty Dalrymple JP; Jacky and Mike McCoy; Margaret Allerston; Sue Hilton (also rep Ian); Mrs J Fletcher (also rep Mrs J Mawer); Gail Kewley (also rep Caistor and District Flower Club and also Caroline Jackson); Rita Hawbrook; Barbara Pywell (also rep Holton-le-Moor WI); Camilla Dowther; Liz Le May; Mrs M Lakin-Whitworth (also rep Market Rasen Town Council and also the Rice family); Mr K Langley; J Britton (also rep Market Rasen Library); S Britton; Nancy Dyson and family; Jose Grayson; Dianne Tuckett (also rep Jason Hippisley); Mrs D Cheriton; Marion Morrison; Mrs Minns (also rep Barkwith Gardeners); Ian Skeats; Don Frame; Kay Spyvee; John and May Bennett; Sandra Rossington; Sue Robinson; Tony Ward; Lyn Ward (also rep Vera Brisbane); Sarah Green; Jo Wilson (also rep Market Rasen Flower Club); Diane Smith (also rep Pat Massey); Sarah Tyson (also rep Emma Tyson, Jenny Barrett); Mrs G M Cooper; Mrs J Smith; Mr and Mrs J Carter (also rep Mr R A Carter and Mrs R A Carter); C East; Frances Wood (also rep Market Rasen RPC Band); Pat Golby (also rep Peter Mawer); Rozelle Grantham; Claire Marris; Shirley Cudbertson; Sharon Hannay; Mr and Mrs G Scott (also rep Mrs B Morrish); Mr and Mrs B Jackson; Eric and Joan Edwards (also rep Betty Greathead); Jenna Waite (also rep Pauline Curtis); Christine Harrison; Louise Green; June Saunders; Mrs J Hare; Pat Massey; Mr and Mrs R J Carter; Joyce Rhodes; Joyce Lingard; Mrs Chalmers; Judith Clarke; Mrs J Margetson; Mrs M Sykes; Allison Nickerson; Mrs E Skeats (also rep Angela Skeats); Mrs J Burkitt; Mr and Mrs M Sentance; Mr S Herring; Donald Skayman; Rita Goulsbra; Monica Hansard; Jackie Rhoades (also rep Betty Pyttlik, Vera Brisbane); Brian Golland (also rep Judy Golland); Marion and Rod Clark; Mr and Mrs A Carlton; Mrs S Tindall (also rep Mrs Rachel Dalton – Style Studio); Margaret Millett; Janet Hyton; J Lamiman; Ken Bridger (Mayor); Jean Finney; Peter Wingham; Sheila Lancaster.