John retires after 36 years as the face of Thorne in Britain

The staff of Thorne Beehives in Rand Wragby
The staff of Thorne Beehives in Rand Wragby

The end of the working day at Thorne’s Beehive Works in Rand signalled the beginning of a retirement party for long standing employee John Kane.

He has notched up a total of 36 years with the firm and while he is a joiner by trade, in recent years he has been what director Paul Smith referred to in his speech as Thorne’s ambassador.

The firm is the main supplier nationally of all things connected with bees and as delivery driver John has travelled thousands of miles to the far corners of the United Kingdom where he has been welcomed as “the face of the firm” and the only person from Thorne’s that the majority of the customers meet.

John’s wife Margaret was also invited along to the party to hear Mr Smith thank him for his valued service and complement him on his dedication to duty, which had been very much appreciated.

A retirement cake had been made at the Buzz Stop cafe to add to the special occasion and colleague Dougie Andrews had written a poem for him as a farewell.

John, pictured left, is holding cards and a donation from all his colleagues on his retirement after 35 years with the company.

Photo: John Edwards.