Jim Davidson

The funeral service for Jim Davidson, aged 83 years of South Gulham, was held at St Andrew’s Church, Kirkby cum Osgodby.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson, Rural Dean, officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Jim was born in Fettercairn, Scotland.

He left school at the age of 13 to work as a farm labourer.

In 1952, he moved to England to work for Balmakewan Farms, South Gulham, North Owersby, where he became farm foreman and ultimately farm manager, before retiring in 1993.

In June 1993, he received a long service medal at the Lincolnshire Agricultural Show.

Jim was a keen sportsman, playing for Osgodby in their glory days.

He also spent time designing and manufacturing labour-saving devices for the farm, writing songs and poems, and actively supporting his children, which left little time for any other leisure pursuits.

Family mourners were: Rita Davidson (wife); Graham and Mary Davidson, Bob, Glenn and Heather (sons and daughters-in-law); Mandy and John Hibbert, Heather and Tony Jackson (daughters and sons-in-law); Gemma Jackson, Jack Davidson, Peter Jackson, Lauren Davidson, Tom and Nick Hibbert (grandchildren); Charlie and Nancy Davidson (brother and sister-in-law); Fran and June Davidson (sisters); Stewart, Lizzie and Ashley Davidson, Drew and Billy Davidson (nephews and nieces); Beryl and Eric Pickering (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Gwen Benson, Mrs M Richards (also rep Derek and family), Marie Duke (sisters-in-law); Mark and Sarah Benson, Helen Benson, Mick and Jackie Duke, Janice and Anthony Storey, Miss K Duke, Tracey Duke (also rep Sharon), Matt Duke (also rep Charlotte Umpleby), Mr P Richards (also rep the family), Geoff and Angela Duke, Mr and Mrs D Richards (nephews and nieces); Keith Duke and Gerry (nephew and partner); Sandy and Mary Matthew; Brian and Margaret Duke (brother and sister-in-law, also rep Mr and Mrs Blakey).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs G Mapplethorpe (also rep Stuart and David); Rita Burkes (also rep Jim); Mr M Baxter and Sheila Pipe-Baxter; Margaret and David Jackson; Robert and Sue Christie; Mr and Mrs A Schofield (also rep Mr and Mrs K Drury); Ann Bennett (also rep Mervyn and family); Janet Gibbons; Geoff and Julia Hind; Mr R New; Mr and Mrs W Davidson (also rep Charles and Jane Pearson); Mr S Dawson (also rep Mrs D Dawson); Mr and Mrs J Wilmot (also rep Ian and Mandy); Mr A Taylor (also rep John Sharpe); Mr D Schofield (also rep Miss E Boldock); Mr I Spark and Ann (also rep Hooton UK); Mrs S Hewson (also rep John Hewson); Mr E Carver (also rep Mr and Mrs James Hunt); Shaun Spark (also rep Alf Spark); Linda Surfleet (also rep Neil and Nicola); Mr I Davidson (also rep Maria Davidson); Mr A Richards; David Boyles; Jonathan Brant; Steve Smith; William Reek; Mr and Mrs C Hall; Mr I Uprichard; Mr T Smith; Mr S Barrett (also rep Hooton UK); Mr R Marshall (also rep Market Rasen Town Cricket and Football Club).