Jean Skinner Sinclair Lucas

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. EMN-180711-150710001

The funeral service for Jean Skinner Sinclair Lucas, aged 74 years of Market Rasen, was held at Middle Rasen Church.

The Rev Bryan Dixon and the Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service, with arrangements by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Housewife and author, Jean was born at Braehead, Glasgow.

Jean served on the Bloodwise committee (formerly Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research) and was a board member of Market Rasen Racecourse.

Family mourners were: Paul Lucas (husband); James and David (sons); Susan and Jen (daughters-in-law); Indie, Tilly and Annabel (grandchildren);

Margaret Lundy (sister); Ian Wright (brother-in-law); Fiona Lintin (niece); Mark Lundy (nephew); Mr and Mrs Richard Lucas (nephew and wife); Mr and Mrs Charles Lucas (nephew and wife).

Friends at the funeral service were: Tony and Angela Osbourne; R Fox (also rep Paul and Ruth); Mark Fox (also rep Carol) ; Peter and Sally Robinson; Mr and Mrs M J Hansard; Julian Anyan (also rep Louise Anyan); Joyce Rhodes (also rep Abigail Clark and also Vi Knapton); Robert Jackson; Mrs R Jackson; John Kernohan (also rep Niall Durian); Monica and Richard Hansard (also rep the Hansard family); Pat Woodcock; Mr and Mrs John Jackson; Peter Harwood; Sarah Warren (also rep Robert and Bridget Turner); Geoff Hill (also rep Karen); Mark Sinclair Lundy (also rep the Sinclair family from Papua New Guinea and Australia); Mr and Mrs John Lintin (also rep Mr and Mrs Dunning ; Mr and Mrs R Boyers); Margaret Lundy (also rep Jan Callahan); Steve and Tina Dean; John Wood; Chrissie Booth (also rep Mr and Mrs Paul Wakeman); Mr and Mrs G Neesham (also rep Mr and Mrs N E Ward); Ryan Steel (also rep the Steel family); Graham Rowles Nicholson (also rep John Rowles); Stephen Wallis; Paul and Kerry Graham (also rep Tristan and Elliot); Nigel and Andrea Haith; Mr and Mrs Mike Perkins (also rep Mrs Jo Whyles); Mr and Mrs S Green; Mr and Mrs G Jennins; Ruth Smith (Bloodwise Committee); Claire Fenwick (also rep Jonathan); Simon Bazalgette; Laurence Kirkby; Councillor and Mrs John Matthews (also rep Market Rasen Town Council); Sophie Gibson (also rep Alistair Clugston; Sally Brown); Liz Treadgold; Tina Sanders (also rep Shaun Sanders); David and Penny Would (also rep Mr and Mrs John Blundell); Hannah Butler (Market Rasen Racecourse); Biddy Dudgeon (also rep Daniel and Alley Crane); John Padley; Michael and Christine Charlesworth; John Bennett; Moira Dodd (also rep Mr and Mrs Cassey); Andrew Johnson (also rep David Hill; Jeff Cade); Sophie and Olivier Bocquillon; Jo Dixon; Claire Horsley; Quintin Parker (also rep Jackie Parker); Richard Harris; J Johnston (also rep Market Rasen and District Choral Society); Kerry Strawson; Peter Thompson (Racing Correspondent Market Rasen Mail); Ian Wilmot (also rep Mandy Wilmot and family); Janet Goodyear; Kevin Goodyear; Paddye Grove; James Given; Sue Debuick (also rep Roger Debuick); Kevin Darnill (also rep Sue Darnill); Wendy Nielsen (also rep Lise Evans); Daryl Dunn and Laura Males (Ireland Farm Machinery); Jen Wiles; Eva Dryden; Martin and Hilary Farley; Mrs G Campion; Miss L Todd; Josie Brocklesby (also rep the family; Mr and Mrs Peatfield); Jean Bates; Freda Horton; Elaine Lingard; Simon and Liz Brook (also rep Mr and Mrs Burgess; Pauline Sheardown); Steve Cartwright; Nick Cesarle; Robert and Kate Key; Mr and Mrs Jason Smith (also rep Jack and Amelia); Doris Woodall (also rep Irene Wilkinson); James and Nichola Marshall; Jane Crisp; Richard Marfleet (also rep Sarah Marfleet; Penny Gledall); Mr and Mrs M Boulton (also rep R C Boulton; Mr A Holvey); Julie Jackson (also rep Charles Jackson); Mr and Mrs K Birch; Nicola Smith (also rep Martyn Smith); Jane Mager (also rep Annabel Haxby); Anthony Bell (also rep Dean and Beth Hutchinson); Jean and Archie Dodds; Nadia Powell; L Hall (also rep Sam Kirkby); Carl Hall; Pynnie Strawson; Michael Peacock; David Harvey; Carl Topper (also rep J Topper); Matthew Neesham; Ian Wright; Andrew Wright; Amy Starkey (also rep Paul Fisher); Gary Tate; Nick Patton; Mr and Mrs P Bellamy (also rep David Bellamy); Graham Harrison; Mr and Mrs N Young (also rep Melissa and James); Mr and Mrs P Cook; Sandra Borrill (also rep Peter and Betty Hulme); Pat Dawkins; The Gissing family; R Dunlop QC , Professor Duncan Graham, Craig Samson (also rep Paul Thompson); Richard Grayson; Nicky Faulkner; Richard Alderson (also rep Mrs Lesley Alderson); Mary and Mark Bates; Michael Tuck; Julia Whittaker; Christine Ramsden; John Hairsine; Rachel and Andrew Neesham; Alison Middleton; Roy and Elizabeth Hairsine; Gail Paton (also rep Nicholsons); Philip Would (also rep Emma Would); Nicola Penswick; Lisa Padbury; John Clugston (also rep Fiona Clugston; Mr J Habberdshaw); John Rose; Mrs Jose Grayson; Tommy Cooper (also rep Jeremy Bradbeer); Moira Westley; Robert Cartwright; Bob Potter (also rep the Potter family); Alison Hudson (also rep the Hudson family and also Birdy Dawson); Kate Jackson; Mr and Mrs J Mole; Mr P Carrick Smith (also rep Mrs G B Smith); Dr G Parry (also rep Jonny Parry); Mr S Dawson (also rep Diane Dawson; Christine Mapplethorpe); Robbie Parry; John Wood; Janet Dring (also rep the Dring family); Martin Maslin; Colin (Bud) Booth (also rep Thea Movelidze, Fred and Pip Kirkby, Nevin Truesdale and also the Jockey Club Racecourses); John Bowen Jones; Steve Bakin (also rep Nicky Carlisle and also Ground Staff at Market Rasen Racecourse); Jean Belt; Richard and Emma Arundel (also rep Mr and Mrs Ashford; Chris and Vicky Halmshaw); Kath Burton (also rep Alan Burton); Emma Kate Wyrley Birch; Rachel Hippey; Giles 
Johnston (also rep DDM Agriculture); Clive Lingard (also rep Brenda Lingard); Ben Duckworth; Mr and Mrs C Lucas; Emma and Fiona Lucas; Mr and Mrs R Lucas (also rep Edmund and Florrie Lucas).