Jayden meets Police Interceptors heroes

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A seven-year-old boy from Hemswell Cliff spent a day in London with his Lincolnshire Police heroes, courtesy of a Channel 5 reality TV show.

Jayden Prestwood enjoyed the day out with his TV idols after creating a boardgame, which also featured PCs John Peacock and Rich Precious from the show Police Interceptors.

The boardgame was meticulously hand drawn by Jayden, who drew 50 squares people must work their way through to win the game. It featured the two officers, plus other police pictures.

“We were so impressed by the time and enthusiasm that Jayden had put into the game that we wanted to bring it to the attention of the programme makers,” said PC Peacock.

The show’s producers, Raw Cut TV, were impressed too and invited Jayden, along with PC Peacock and PC Precious, to their London studios.

“We thought the Police Interceptors game was a lovely idea and showed great initiative and creativity. Because of the time Jayden invested in developing and making it Raw Cut wanted to acknowledge his efforts and were pleased to invite him and his family down to London for a special day out,” said Victoria Hepburn.

“I really enjoyed looking around the studio. My favourite bit was watching some footage before it was edited, that means I have seen it before anyone else,” Jayden said.