Jacquie keeps memories alive

Jacquie Wood of Caistor
Jacquie Wood of Caistor

SOMETIMES when people grow old the life they led when they were younger can be forgotten about – but not if Jacquie Wood can help it.

Jacquie has been awarded a £3,340 grant – and her own development manager – to launch a project making Keepsake DVDs for elderly people living in or moving into residential care.

The 57-year-old from Caistor wants to make sure care workers get to know the person they are looking after – and the amazing life they have led.

She will do this by making a DVD of images and video clips looking back on a person’s life.

Jacquie said: “Spending even just 15 minutes a day with the individual looking at and talking about what is important to them and memories of their past encourages a sense of well-being.

“The Department of Health has made dementia a key concern, and in latest reports, the use of this kind of resource could greatly reduce the need for more drastic and expensive intervention.”

This project has been close to Jacquie’s heart for many years, having seen an aunt and grandmother end their lives in care homes with Alzheimer’s disease.

Jacquie – who started making DVDs as a hobby after getting a degree in creative music in 2009 – hopes Keepsake DVDs will challenge negative attitudes many people have towards elderly people.

“I am hopeful that such a resource really can make a difference not only to the individual, but also to their families, giving them peace of mind that their loved ones are better understood,” said Jacquie.

She added: “It’s good for young people to see that their grandparents aren’t just old people.”

Jacquie will use the grant to buy new equipment and her project development manager will help with things such as marketing, promotion and researching ongoing funding.

She was awarded the funding through the Millennium Awards Trust scheme set up to help people develop their skills and talents and contribute to the community.