Ivy Irene Hill

The funeral service for Ivy Irene Hill, aged 97 years of Middle Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Chris Harrington officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Ivy’s two grandsons, Brendan and James, acted as pallbearers, something of which she would have been very proud.

Family mourners were: Judith (daughter); Fred (son-in-law); Brendan and James (grandsons, rep Poppy, great-granddaughter); Mr and Mrs A Smith (niece and husband, rep family); Mrs P Barker (niece, rep family); Mr and Mrs D Hill (nephew and wife, rep Mr and Mrs C Hill, Mr and Mrs A Hague, Mr and Mrs R Angus, nephews and nieces in Yorkshire); Mr and Mrs P Parkinson (family friends, rep Sam and Luke); Mrs M Taylor (rep Miss T Duke, family friends).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs J Parkinson; Mrs R Evans; Mr G Parkinson; Mr G Zealand (also rep Mrs J Zealand); N Vernam (also rep Age Concern Lunch Club); Mr and Mrs D Grant (also rep Frank and Wyn Bell); Mr and Mrs D Ivatt; Mrs I Soar (also rep David); Mrs J Goulsbra; Mrs M Stainton; Mrs J Sellars (also rep Peter); Mrs C Kettlewell; Mrs S Brisling; Mrs R Whitlock; Mr P Salmon; Mr and Mrs M Higham; Miss S Percival (also rep Mr Massingberd-Mundy); Mrs M Sykes; V Harcroft (also rep the family); Mrs M Stamp (also rep Mrs H Boast); Linda Jameson (also rep Julie Harrison); Steve Parkinson (also rep Ruth Parkinson); Joyce Heath; John and May Bennett (also rep Middle Rasen Horticultural Society and also Mrs Margrave); Mr F Lingard; Mr and Mrs G Veal; Wendy Dixon (also rep Andy and family and also Cathy, Terry and Maia Stones); Mrs M Sutton; Mr and Mrs F Sellars; Vera and Wilf Hankins; Jo Potter; L Russell; Mrs Hill; Sally Graham (also rep Lauren); Nancy Robinson (also rep the family); Mrs V Staves.