It’s 100 up for Frank’s good life

Frank Lingard has celebrated his 100th birthday
Frank Lingard has celebrated his 100th birthday

A HEALTHY life on the farm has fared well for one Middle Rasen man who has a century of memories to share.

Frank Lingard celebrated his 100th birthday last week, with his usual light-hearted look on life.

Always one for a chat and a cheery smile, he joked with staff at The Laurels in Holton cum Beckering, as he prepared for his birthday tea and entertainment.

“He has always loved company and will have a word and joke with anyone,” said his daughter Mavis.

Born in Middle Rasen, Frank has lived all his life there or there abouts, moving to different farms in the area during his working life, but never more than ten miles away.

He worked as a stockman, first with horses, then cattle.

Thinking about those days, he well remembers travelling around Worksop and other places to the market with fellow farm worker Ron Potter to buy calves.

Frank enjoyed his country life and in his younger days, loved going out and about with his dog.

One of his favourite meals has always been rabbit pie.

“I enjoy it in or out of a pie, but I don’t get it much these days” said Frank. “Yes, it was a good life being outside.

But Frank has never been one for drinking.

“I had one swallow once, but I thought if that was beer, then they could keep it. I never liked it.

“Besides, you can’t be out drinking on the Saturday night and then get along to chapel on the Sunday morning.”

He was happily married to his wife Beatrice for 63 years and they had two daughters – Mavis and the late Joan.

He is also a proud grandfather, with one granddaughter and one grandson.

Until six months ago, Frank continued to live at his home in Middle Rasen, but a fall left him with a broken wrist, forcing a move to The Laurels while he recuperated.

“He has definitely become one of the characters here at The Laurels,” said home manager Sue Bryce.

“We know we can always have a laugh with him.

“He’s a bit cheeky at times, but that is the way we like him.”