Is new service the best for our elderly?


Changes to the residential warden service at sheltered accommodation in West Lindsey come into affect on April 1.

But, residents and Market Rasen Town Councillors fear this will see wardens removed from nine sheltered complexes including Lammas Leas and Fletcher Court, Braemar Close in Middle Rasen and Dale View in Caistor and located 20-30 minutes away.

Acis Housing Group and Lincolnshire County Council will bring in the Wellbeing Service . This will: *provide regular drop-in surgeries

*help support social activities and minimise social isolation

*deal with ongoing matters of cleaning and maintenance, security and access and health and safety

*work with residents to improve housing management.

But residents feel that the bottom line remains that the area’s sheltered accommodation will still lose their residential wardens.

Market Rasen town councillor Nigel Cook said: “Basically, though, they are still taking away the resident wardens.

“Set aside all the flowery stuff they are going to do they are taking away our residential wardens.”

Residents first began battling to save the wardens in 2008. Campaigners thought the wardens had been retained until last year when the provision was reviewed.

A petition was started at the end of the year and is due to be submitted to Acis and the county council.

Mayor Steve Bunney said: “I took the petition to the town market and a number of people signed up. I think it is a backwards step and I think we need to send a letter to say we support residents in their campaign to keep residential wardens.

“With this system I believe a warden would be 20-30 minutes away, not what you want for our older people.”

Ruth Cumbers, Lincolnshire County Council head of service for adult care, said: “A number of changes are being made to support services which help people live independently but these are not being cut.

“In fact, we have commissioned a new service that better meets residents’ needs. We’re working closely all local providers so that everyone’s needs are assessed and there’s a seamless transition into the new Wellbeing Service.

“It’s been designed to keep people safe in their own homes and will include things like minor home adaptations such as grab rails, along with Telecare equipment and monitoring.”

“We do not provide wardens although some service providers currently use wardens to provide the support services we fund.

“The support we paid the wardens to give will still be provided through the new Wellbeing Service and through different providers. It may mean that support is given in different forms and will also include a 24/7 emergency response service.

“The new service will be open to everyone who needs it, not just those in sheltered accommodation.”