Inspirational Alice’s Torch achievement

Alice Kaye
Alice Kaye
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A sporty teenager from South Kelsey has been chosen to compete in an exclusive university athletics competition in the USA.

Alice Kaye, 18, is among a 
small group of students 
from the University of Cambridge who have been picked to take part in one of the world’s oldest athletics competitions, the Transatlantic Series.

The 100m, 200m and 400m runner will compete against students from Harvard, Yale, Cornell and Pennsylvania universities in a demanding two-and-a-half week competition.

The British team - made up of current and former students from the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford - flies out to the States today, Wednesday.

Former Caistor Grammar School pupil, Alice, said: “I’m pretty lucky.

“It’s the first time I’ve competed abroad.

“And I’ve never been to America.

“I’m looking forward to competing over there and seeing all of their facilities, which I’m led to believe are really good.

“My friends are just ecstatic for me.”

Alice - who is in the 
first year of a politics, psychology and sociology degree - received a letter from her university athletics club president to say she had been selected for the team after they had considered her recent times.

She said: “It was an incredible feeling.”