Information on 
river levels at push of button

In periods of heavy rain, when localised flooding becomes a possibility, local residents can now check river levels online.

The Environment Agency website gives regularly updated information on levels of the Ancholme and Rase and whether the levels are normal or higher.

The website also alerts 
residents to flood warnings.

“We publish it online because we recognise that this information may also be 
useful for others, but we 
cannot guarantee its availability,” said a spokesman for the Environment Agency.

“There may be occasions when data will not have been collected from a gauging 
station, therefore results will not appear until the next data collection.”

Full details are available by logging on to the website at

River level data is gathered by the Environment Agency to help it fulfil its statutory duties and the river levels displayed are only an indication of local conditions.

Locally, the data is collected from five monitoring points along the waterway - South Ferriby, Brigg, Brandy Wharf, Bishopbridge and 
Market Rasen.

Where the site states `Flooding is Possible,` it is an indication of when river 
levels are high, but does not 
replace the flood warning service.

Residents can visit the Flood Warning pages to check for warnings in force.

`Typical range` gives an indication of the usual range of water levels throughout the year.

The website is also a useful source of information if you are unlucky enough to be 
living in a flood risk area.

There is advice on ways to plan for expected flooding, what to do when flooding actually happens at your home or local area and travel advice, when your journey is vital in flooding situations.

But the site is not just there to give information in an 
emergency situation.

The information will be available throughout the year and so will also be useful to those who want to navigate along the rivers.

And of course it will also prove invaluable to other 
leisure river users, such as fishermen.

Local people are also being encouraged to check the 
website for the latest information on water 
resources in their area.

This will help identify times when restrictions are in place.

This information will be especially useful to keep up to date with every 
changing regulations and restrictions, in particular to 
provide details in times of drought - such as happened in early 2012.

The agency is interested in hearing about how local people use the site and any ideas they have which could improve it.

Let them know what you think about the website by emailing