Hypnobirthing classes to begin in the Wolds

Nikki Wheeldon is excited to bring new 'hypnobirthing' classes to the area.
Nikki Wheeldon is excited to bring new 'hypnobirthing' classes to the area.

A woman brought up in Legbourne is bringing new Hypnobirthing classes to the area - aiming to help mums work towards an easier birth.

Nikki Wheeldon, (28), is a newly qualified hypnobirthing instructor and wants to bring out a more positive spin on birth, rather than the usual, painful horror stories normally talked about.

“For mums all across the country, as soon as you start talking about giving birth, the horror stories come out,” Nikki explained.

“I want to get rid of this persona and help expectant mums have an easier and less traumatic birth.”

The classes will involve a number of different exercises and techniques to help prepare yourself for the right birth on the day.

Nikki adds that she is not guaranteeing you will have a painfree experience - but wants customers to have the tools and knowledge to help prepare them for any situation on the big day.

“A friend recommended hypnobirthing to me and I’ve never looked back,” Nikki added.

“I had a really great experience with my birth. Now I want to help change the mindset and help mums access all the knowledge needed to prepare them for what’s coming, without all the added stress and worry.”

Nikki is starting up a group class at Legbourne Community Centre on Friday, November 3.

It will be held over four Fridays from 7-9.30pm. The class is open to both expectant mothers and their birthing partners. Private classes can also be catered for as well.

Nikki is also doing a special offer at the moment. If you book in before the end of year, there is currently a heavily discounted rate available.

If you would like to find out more info about Nikki’s hypnobirthing business, Birthsquare, or to book a class, visit www.birthsquare.com.