How to avoid the big bills

RISING energy costs is a fact everyone is aware of, although very few of us actually choose to do anything about it.

Analysts recently warned that householders could be facing a 50 per cent rise in their gas and electricity bills over the next four years.

Broker Deutsche Bank confirmed that typical household bills could leap by £500 a year by 2015 as suppliers pass on the costs of rising wholesale prices.

So what can be done to avoid these rises? The answer is more obvious than it seems – reduce the amount of electricity and gas that has to be bought from the grid.

There are numerous technologies available on the market which can help you generate your own energy at home.

Previously these have been extremely costly and only for people with a burning desire to be ‘green’, however with recent price decreases as the technology has developed, coupled with the rising household bills seen, these technologies are becoming a must for everyone.

Solar PV Panels is one technology that has received its fair share of bad press due to Government blunders over the incentive schemes for it. However, it is still actually a very wise investment.

A typical system can help generate around half of an average household’s electricity consumption and the owner can still get over £600 per year in tax free indexed linked income from incentives and export payments.

What about hot water though? Well, there is a variation on the electric PV Panels called Solar Thermal Panels. These use the energy from the sun to heat hot water within your cylinder during the day, which is then stored for use as and when required.

This type of system effectively provides you will constant free hot water!

It is clear that generating our own energy at home is something we should all be considering. Not only is there currently grants and incentives available to install these technologies, but we will be protecting ourselves from the constantly rising energy prices which are only set to get worse over the coming years.