How Facebook makes life fruitier for stallholders

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Though the fruit’n’veg delivery van has been around for years, Jenny North and Bryan Spittlehouse have given it a modern twist.

Forget Ocado, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose and ordering on their websites, instead go to the Facebook page of Jenny and Bryan.

J.North’s Straight from the Farm” has operated for more than a year and has become a growing part of their business.

“Business is steady,” Bryan explains, but it helps the stall attract trade too, essential if high street retailers can withstand the onslaught from the big supermarkets.

Furthermore, in an increasingly online world, if you cannot beat’em, join‘em; something other Market Rasen retailers are seeing as a route to success or survival.

“Once we have finished the market we can tour the villages with our deliveries, roughly within a 10-mile radius of Market Rasen,” Bryan said.

Market day in Rasen is Tuesday’s, Fridays and Saturdays, which can mean for a long day with the couple usually up at the crack of dawn.

Bryan admits they are not alone with home delivery as “quite a few other farmers and market traders have cottoned on to the idea.”

But they believe ordering through Facebook is something novel. Their page has nearly 200 ‘likes’.

“We offer a variety of fruit and veg boxes and we can tailor them to suit personal preferences,” Jenny added.