Hole-y moley! Road collapse causes delays for motorists

Drivers in the Rasen area are getting used to seeing potholes, but they were shocked to see a massive hole.

Measuring about two-foot across, the hole appeared in the road between Tealby and Market Rasen, the B1203, last Wednesday.

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Highways told the Mail it was most likely caused after underground water movement washed away the subsoil so undermining the road.

With the hole being right in the centre of the road, there was no option but to shut it off completely.

The road was closed from Bully Hill top to Market Rasen for three full days before reopening on Saturday morning.

Diversions were in place, taking traffic along the A631 and back on to the Caistor High Road.

The closure, and diversion, was a blow to nearby farm shop and tea room business Sunnyside Up, who rely on people travelling along that road.

“The business was affected for the first day or so,” said owner Hazel Hammond, “but then things picked up again.

Hazel and her team were given permission to put notices at both ends of the closure to say the shop was still open.

And to help those travelling from Market Rasen, the Hammonds also opened up their farm gate to allow traffic through, to save customers making a lengthy detour.

“Word soon got round that it was possible to get through on our land, so it helped a lot of people,” added Hazel, who also has nothing but praise for the crew that worked to mend the road.

“They did a marvellous job,” she said.

“They all worked really hard and kept me informed of progress.

“They said it would be open on Saturday morning and it was.”