Thousands in Market Rasen area support Harry’s aHUS drug petition

Claire and Harry Thomas
Claire and Harry Thomas

Thousands of people in this area have signed a charity petition after hearing little Harry Thomas’s heartbreaking story.

More than 2,600 people from Market Rasen and its surrounding villages have thrown their support behind a campaign to get ‘miracle’ drug Eculizumab made available to all aHUS patients on the NHS.

It comes after the Rasen Mail reported how Market Rasen tot Harry Thomas made an incredible recovery from aHUS - a rare and very serious kidney disease - after the NHS in Lincolnshire approved funding for the ‘miracle’ drug.

Harry’s mum Claire was thrilled with her son’s recovery but felt saddened aHUS patients in other parts of the country were not getting the same treatment.

Claire campaigned on behalf of charity aHUS UK, which collected 26,000 signatures.

Claire said: “The community really rallied together on it. There’s been a lot of support locally, it’s been amazing.

“I was quite impressed with how many signatures we managed to get in the area.

“Hopefully it’ll have the effect we want it to have. The drug transforms lives. You don’t have to be hooked up to a machine, you can live a normal life.

“I really wish they would just bite the bullet and make it available to all .”

aHUS UK has taken the petition to Westminster and the Department of Health will make a decision in coming months. You can still sign an online petition. Go to