Think... is accident really an emergency?

PEOPLE are being urged to help the cash-strapped NHS to save money by using “a more appropriate service for their symptoms”.

The NHS in Lincolnshire claims it could save about £2 million pounds each year if people did not go to accident and emergency wards for minor injuries.

The service is telling people A&E means accident and emergency, not anything and everything.

NHS Lincolnshire’s director of commissioning development Dr Martin McShane said: “In Lincolnshire about 200,000 people visit A&E a year. But local research shows that one in ten people are using A&E inappropriately and could have gone elsewhere for treatment.

“Before turning up at A&E think, is it really a life threatening emergency?

“Could you visit a minor injuries unit or walk-in centre, call your GP or go to your nearest pharmacy for expert health advice?”

If you are injured and are not sure who to contact call the NHS on 111.