Secretary of State for Health apologises to Welton woman for treatment at Lincoln County Hospital


A patient from Welton has been given an unreserved apology by the Secretary of State for Health following Shocking treatment at Lincoln County Hospital.

Jeremy Hunt MP made a personal apology to the Welton resident who suffered mistreatment at the hospital after seeking treatment for a broken wrist.

The woman went into Lincoln County Hospital but was denied her meals alongside other patients in the ward, being told by hospital staff “it’s not our job” when she requested food.

The patient was discharged without being advised as to further treatment, and it was left to an unrelated nurse to clean and remove the dressing which was left unexamined, risking infection.

Jeremy Hunt MP said in his hand-written note, adding to his three-page formal reply, “I wanted also to reply personally to say how shocked I was – and to apologise to you on behalf of the government and the NHS,”

“There is much good care in the NHS, but not sadly everywhere,” he continued.

He said the woman’s treatment was “totally unacceptable” and noted that he would follow the progress of the case, which “has reminded me there is much work to do as we work to improve standards in the NHS.”

Sir Edward Leigh, MP for the Gainsborough constituency which includes Welton, brought the case to Mr Hunt’s attention.

He said he was “very pleased” the Health Secretary took the time to write to his constituent personally.

“My constituent faced an unacceptable neglect, and I’m glad the Health Secretary admitted that,” the MP said.

“It’s good to know that someone in charge is actually keeping an eye on things, and takes the time to put a human touch to what can often be an intimidating impersonal experience.”