Rumours of Market Rasen doctors surgery closing not true says staff


Market Rasen Surgery insists it is not closing despite fears that provoked a storm in cyberspace.

After the surgery in Mill Road displayed leaflets seeking public comment on GP services, a patient thought it meant the surgery might close, so posted a message on Facebook, which led to fears about the surgery’s future.

Market Rasen Surgery has five doctors and five nurses and is branded a “large practice.” Yet, the Facebook commentary spoke of patients possibly having to travel to Lincoln to see a doctor.

“It’s not closing. They are misinterpreting it slightly. The British Medical Association (BMA) sent out a petition,” a staff member told the Rasen Mail.

“They are trying to get the government to look into sustainable provision to ensure premises are fit for purpose.”

The BMA wants patients to tell it about the extent and quality of GP services and to back its campaign over funding so GPs may offer better services.

If people need more time with their GP, or are struggling to get an appointment, the petition says they are not alone.

The BMA says patients should join its “Your GP cares” campaign and put pressure on politicians.

“We are working with patients, doctors and government to find solutions to deliver you the care and support you need and deserve from your GP,” the petition said.