Rotarians get to the heart of the matter

President Stuart Davies, Helen Mair, BHF, and sponsor Rtn Harold Bates EMN-150220-122238001
President Stuart Davies, Helen Mair, BHF, and sponsor Rtn Harold Bates EMN-150220-122238001

On average, 414 people a day die of heart disease in the UK; 480 people a day enter hospital due to heart problems and 640 a day with strokes.

These were the figures quoted to Market Rasen Rotary Club members when they welcomed Helena Mair, local fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation (BHF), to their recent meeting.

Helena told the meeting of her work and how the charity spends the money it raises.

And she also told Rotary members more money is spent in Lincolnshire than is collected.

But the Rotarians did their bit to boost the fund with a collection of £340 being presented to Helena for the charity.

Current initiatives for BHF, which has been running for more than 50 years, include the CPR survival kits being put into secondary schools, at a cost of £300 per kit, helping in the bid to make us into a nation of life savers.

The fund also sponsors specialist nursing care for heart patients and a major programme of prevention, including a three-year initiative with Tesco and Diabetes UK.

Defibrillators have been funded in many locations across the County, always in association with EMAS, never in a situation where the lifesaving equipment is locked away for limited time use or limited personnel use.

LIVES have been a major recipient of defibrillators and are front line users across the county, prior to ambulance or paramedic arrival.

Only seven percent of the UK population know how to give CPR, compared to 85 percent in Scandinavian countries.

The new CPR kits operate under the motto: Call; Push; Rescue. Very important as the person you see collapse is likely to be a relative, can be of any age, and probably in your own home.

BHF has been at the forefront of funding research into open heart surgery, the fitting of stents, the use of pacemakers, and inserted defibrillators, the guidance for healthy diet and lifestyle.

As one item gets to be ‘normal practise’, then BHF moves on, to fund new research and practises, leading from the front.

The most local ‘centres of excellence’ for heart research are in Leicester and Nottingham, but all heart units feed data into these ‘centres of excellence’ and get feedback and advise from them.

Emergency heart patients going into Lincoln hospital now by-pass A +E and enter the heart unit for immediate attention and treatment.

BHF funds heart failure nurses, throughout the County, to enable heart patients to live at home, rather than in care or the hospital. BHF adopts specialist nurses on the NHS payroll, and trains and supports them in their homecare role.

They also produce a booklet covering all aspects of heart care.

Sign up for the book and get further information by logging on to the website .

Alternatively e-mail or call 0300 330 3300.