Praise for proactive Rasen patient group

Market Rasen surgery's practice manager Elaine Lovell EMN-150227-104526001
Market Rasen surgery's practice manager Elaine Lovell EMN-150227-104526001

Market Rasen Surgery’s patient group is at the forefront of improving services - and highlighting possible savings, it has been revealed.

The Rasen Mail’s front page of February 11 featured the millions of pounds wasted through unused drugs, but it was the town’s patient group who prompted the report.

“We are lucky to have such a fantastic and pro-active patient group,” said practice manager Elaine Lovell.

“And it was a random question at one of our meetings,- how much wastage there was on medicines - but we didn’t have an answer”

“So the group set about checking and then flagged the result up with the CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) who instigated a survey across our area.”

And it was the patient group who again undertook the work, identifying the cost of each returned medicine and collating the figures.

“They worked very hard adding up each and every return,” added Elaine.

With just over 10,000 patients on the books the resulting £2,063.58 worked out at less than 21p per patient, but it is still money wasted.

“We need to get people to realise it is their National Health Service,” said Elaine.

“Everyone can help reduce waste by only ordering what they need, not just ticking the box because it is on their repeat prescription, and tell the GP or pharmacist if they are not taking any of their medicines.”

The surgery has also been granted special funding from the CCG recently to appoint specialist nurse Michael Smith to focus on the 10 percent of patient population aged over 75.

“Michael is there to ensure the over 75s have any help they may need,” explained Elaine.

“The funding is for one year, but we would like to be able to keep him on as results show a clear need.”