People power wins in fight for ‘miracle’ drug

Harry Thomas with his mum, dad and brother
Harry Thomas with his mum, dad and brother

The fight has been won to get a ‘miracle’ drug made available on the NHS - and it is thanks to thousands of people in the Market Rasen area.

Back in April residents threw their support behind Claire Thomas’s campaign after hearing her baby son Harry’s incredible story.

The tot made a remarkable recovery from rare kidney disease aHUS after the NHS in Lincolnshire approved funding for ‘miracle’ drug Eculizumab - a medicine not available in other parts of the country.

Immediately, Claire took it upon herself to gather signatures on behalf of charity aHUS UK.

The charity, and Claire, were determined to persuade the government to make the ‘miracle’ drug available to everyone - and they have succeeded in their mission.

The Department of Health has changed its guidelines - and Claire could not be happier.

The mum-of-two, who lives in Market Rasen’s De Aston Park, said: “I’m just really, really happy and a little bit relieved that something’s finally happened and everyone’s now got access to the medicine they need.

“It’s life-changing - they can have a regular, more normal life.”

And Claire has thanked residents for their support.

She said: “It was absolutely down to people power.

“If no-one had been bothered and we hadn’t had the huge campaign we’d still be without the drug.

“In Market Rasen and the surrounding area everyone has really got behind the campaign.

“The response has been incredible.

“Everyone should feel great.”

And little Harry, who is now 11-months old, could not be better.

Claire said: “He’s been great - you still wouldn’t know he’s got this life-threatening disease.

“He’s trying to do a bit of walking, he’s a really happy young man.

“You wouldn’t guess the experience he’s had. Everyone comments on how great he’s done.

“It’s down to his little fighting spirit and access to medicine straight away - he’s living proof of how dramatically it affects people’s lives.”

Claire, who has raised thousands of pounds for support group charity aHUS UK, said she will continue raising money for the cause.

She also hopes raise fund for Kidney Research UK, which supports research into kidney disease.