Help Rotary eradicate Polio from the world

Rotary World Polio Day sticker
Rotary World Polio Day sticker
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Tomorrow, Thursday October 24, Rotary Clubs worldwide will be raising awareness 
and funds to help eliminate Polio.

And Market Rasen will be doing their bit by selling enamel Crocus bulb badges at the MR BIG Market on Saturday November 2.

Today, Polio is only present in three countries: Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.

But Market Rasen had several cases of Polio diagnosed around the late 1940s and in the middle-late 1950s.

Rotarian Ron Myland said his classmate, Victor Beacock, died at the age of 12 due to the disease.

Market Rasen resident Paul Lucas was diagnosed with Polio in 1946, aged just nine.

He said: “I spent about three weeks in hospital in Lincoln before being sent home, to be kept in isolation for an extended period of time.

“No one knew where the disease came from. One school of thought was that the infection was water borne, possibly carried in the River Rase, which ran very close to my home. I was partially paralysed on my right hand side, and unable to walk. “Fortunately my lungs were not totally paralysed and I managed without the need of an ‘iron lung’.”

Today, just £3 will vaccinate seven children.

For more information contact the Rotary Foundation chairs at the Rotary Clubs of Market Rasen and Brigg: Stuart Davis, 01472 851041, or David Hinxman 07519 658561, email: