FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Getting good posture

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It’s time to get a little more serious about Personal Training now. MANDARIN FITNESS uses the mantra: “Feel The Difference” so what you need to achieve now is a level of exercise that ensures you really do “Feel The Difference”

Safety is always my priority and it should be yours too. Let’s have a quick look at posture.

You should ‘always’ maintain good posture even during or maybe especially during, exercise. A balanced body is less likely to become injured. If you have a full length mirror stand in front of it and look at your posture.

Imagine a plumb line running from above your head, the line should pass straight down your body from your nose, through your sternum (breast bone) and down between your legs to the floor.

Your feet should be about hip width apart with your feet angled out slightly. Now, take a look at your shoulders – are you holding one higher than the other? Check your hips for the same reason. Make the adjustments if you need to and remember how it feels.

If it feels a bit ‘odd’ then you need to remember that the odd feeling is what you should experience to maintain your good posture. Now turn sideways. Make sure you are not stooping forward, rounding your shoulders or pushing your chin forward. You should have a small curve or arch in your lower back but you shouldn’t be sticking your bottom out or tucking it under too much. You may need to work on some areas over the next few days.

Rule 1. Are you still eating breakfast? I warned you, nagging is part of my job!

Let’s consider exercise levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned exerciser you need to get yourself out of breath and hot if you want to experience any gains.

Your level of fitness will determine how fast and how long you exercise. Let’s make a simple scale to determine your effort level; On a scale of 1-10 you should be aiming for 6/7 for beginners and 7/8 for regular exercisers. Fitter/stronger exercisers may want to push harder for an 8/9 level.

Consider ‘1’ as being sat down relaxing but 10 means you have reached your limit and have exercised to exhaustion (standing up will be difficult and your breathing will be extremely heavy). Beginners – try to maintain a good level of activity by aiming for a 6 or 7 on the scale. This will make you slightly out of breath but not breathing so hard that you can’t carry on.

On the subject of exercise, I received an email from Gill, www.gillhodgson.co.uk who is keen to let you know about her brand new class.

Fitsteps is the new ballroom/latin dance fitness craze from the Strictly Come Dancing professionals Natalie Lowe, Ian Waite and swimmer Mark Foster.  Gill is one of the first instructors in our area and is providing classes in Bucknall Village Hall on Mondays and St Peter’s Church, Woodhall Spa on Wednesdays. Both classes are at 6.30pm.

They are dance classes but you don’t need a partner so you can give it a go on your own or with a friend. Gill will be happy to answer your questions give her a ring on 07538 545409 One of the key elements of a good training session is ‘fun’ so whatever class or exercise programme you decide on, make sure you’re having fun.

We shall hear more about Gills classes soon.

Make sure you do something to “Feel The Difference”