Extra support for carers of people with dementia

More women than men are affected by kidney disease in Rugby
More women than men are affected by kidney disease in Rugby

Lincolnshire residents caring for someone with dementia may be entitled to extra funds to help with activities for the person they care for, respite or at-home assistance.

The new Dementia Short Breaks Scheme, developed by Lincolnshire County Council Adult Care and Lincolnshire Carers and Young Carers Partnership, means eligible carers can receive a Direct Payment sent to their bank account to spend on a choice of services and opportunities.

Local carers have been involved in shaping the service, which has been designed to help them feel supported, protect their own health and enable them to continue to care for their loved one.

Richard Collins, head of service for Adult Care at the county council, said: “A break from your caring role can help you recharge your batteries and be an even more effective carer for your loved one.

“Rather than being prescriptive though, there’s a range of options available so that the support provided meets people’s particular needs.

“A break doesn’t necessarily mean time away from the person you care for, it could be help with basic domestic tasks, or someone to come with you to groups to do some activities together.

“For example, one carer told us they struggle to hang laundry out or get their hair done as their husband needs to know where they are.

“Appropriate support can be provided through the scheme to help people in such situations cope.

“There are eligibility criteria for the funding, but even those who don’t qualify can benefit from a new Dementia Carers Handbook that gives useful information about local groups, activities and short break providers. There are an increasing number of services available out there and many more than most carers realise.”

This new scheme has launched for an initial 12-month trial and was a result of the new Joint Dementia Strategy and a recent Carers Survey consultation, from which it was pledged to help carers of people with dementia to feel supported and able to better manage the caring role.

Eligible carers - determined through a Carers Assessment - can apply for funding, and can then decide what type of support would suit their needs

This may be help at home, things to do together, a day / night sit-in service, pre-bookable respite or a supported holiday.

The application process is a simple three-question form and anyone interested in finding out more can contact the Carers Team on 01522 782224.