District is one of country’s fattest

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New figures show West Lindsey has a higher than average number of people who are overweight or obese.

The Department for Health figures, which have been released for the first time, show 68.6 per cent of people in West Lindsey are either overweight or obese.

The national average is 64 per cent.

West Lindsey District Council health and wellbeing manager Matthew Broughton said: “It is well known that taking part in regular physical activity is one of the best things for our health. But this doesn’t always mean joining a gym, there are many ways to increase your activity levels.”

Neighbouring East Lindsey is England’s third fattest district with 73.8 per cent of people overweight or obese.

In North Lincolnshire the figure is 70.1 per cent.

Mr Broughton said: “Choosing a form of activity that you enjoy is important because you are more likely to stick with it.

“To get the benefits that physical activity can give, you have to be doing something almost every day which can sometimes be difficult, but if you take part in things you enjoy then you are much more likely to do it.”