Concern over closure of surgery sessions


Closure of a village surgery session is further erosion of village life and loss of a lifeline for some, according to angry residents.

For more than half a century, Ludford has had surgery sessions in the village and for the last 25 years these have been held in the home of Bett Winn.

But new regulations mean these can no longer continue.

“The village as a whole feels very angry,” said resident Lynn Clow.

“There was no consultation with anyone in the village and nothing put forward about maybe using the village hall.

“This service meets a lot of needs - not just medical, but social needs.

“I am particularly concerned about the effect this will have on the older generation.

“This change will cause a lot of problems for them - especially in bad weather.

“It is another erosion of village life, along with the petrol station, chapel, shop and most recently the school.”

The surgery sessions, which are run from the Binbrook Surgery, took place twice a week and were scheduled for one hour per session, averaging eight people per session.

Mrs Winn took over hosting the sessions 25 years ago after the previous householder was no longer able to continue.

“I have been happy to do it - it is a service to the community,” she said.

“And I would have been happy to carry on as long as I could.”

“I will miss seeing people, as I don’t get out much now and this is one of the ways I was able to keep in touch with what is going on in the village.”

Over the years, Mrs Winn has never missed a day and one person grateful for that fact is Dr David Bee, who came to the Binbrook Practice 23 years ago and is sad to see things change.

“Bett has made this arrangement work,” he said.

“GPs started life as a family service in people’s homes and it sees a shame this is not able to continue.

“Rural aspects of life are being eroded by people in offices in cities.”

All Ludford residents registered with the Binbrook Surgery received a letter explaining the reasons behind the closure and arrangements for the future.

In it, Dr Jutta Meiwald said: “Whilst there has never been any incident of concern, new regulations governing modern general Practice require a standard of facilities that ensure risks to patients and staff are minimized.

“After reviewing the surgery facilities at Ludford, NHS England and the practice have agreed that not all risks of running a surgery in a private house can be sufficiently minimized.

“In order to meet the new standards there would have to be changes made that would not be practical since this is Mrs Winn’s home.

“The surgery staff and I would like to thank Mrs Winn for allowing her house to be used for over twenty-five years in offering a service to the Ludford community.”