‘Blood bikers’ ride to the rescue

Lincolnshire Blood Bike Service
Lincolnshire Blood Bike Service

A VOLUNTEER group of motorcyclists have launched a campaign to raise awareness of what are commonly called ‘Blood Bikes’.

Formed just before Christmas the Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bike Service (LEBBS) plan to provide a free ‘out of hours’ emergency courier service for hospitals and healthcare facilities within Lincolnshire, transporting urgent medical items, including blood, actively staffed by volunteers working to professional standards.

Currently in such cases these products, such as blood and organs, are delivered by taxi or commercial courier, costing the NHS a substantial amount of money each year.

On some occasions ambulances or police vehicles have to be used, taking them out of service for the duration. LEBBS wants to change this within Lincolnshire.

At the group’s first public appearance at the Classic Bike Guide Motorcycle Show, at Newark Showground at the beginning of the month, members were on hand to talk about the aims and proposals of the group.

With the centrepiece of the organisation’s stand being a Honda Pan European ST1300 motorcycle lovingly named ‘Florence Nightingale’ by bikes owner group (SERV), who kindly loaned the bike for display purposes. It certainly pulled in the crowds to the LEBBS stand with its blue lights blazing.

John Stepney, development officer for the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB) had made the trip up to Newark from the South of England with ‘Florence’ so the Lincolnshire group could show the public and traders what they are aiming to have in their fleet of vehicles once enough funds have been raised.

To start with they aim to have three motorcycles, all fully equipped before becoming operational within the county.

Charity status has been applied for and is hoped to be registered by April. Dedicated and enthusiastic motorcycle riders will need to have advanced rider training qualifications.

Relying purely on donations from sponsors and the general public, this will enable more money to be released for use in NHS patient care.

If you feel you can help support the group as a rider, events co-ordinator, and controller or want to become a fundraiser or donor to the cause then please contact the group.

More information is available on www.LEBBS.org or you can email on info@lebbs.org .

Alternatively you can call David Wraight, the Lincolnshire co-ordinator, on 07894 862796. Talks and presentations can be given to interested parties and local groups.