He died “on sofa with a smile on his face.” - “It’s your fault” cries wife of Matthew Smith to “dealer” friend

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Matthew Smith of Market Rasen died after consuming alcohol, heroin and “some really good weed,” the inquest into his death has confirmed.

“The cause of death is opiate toxicity,” Deputy Coroner Richard Marshall concluded.

A toxicology report revealed alcohol, morphine, codeine, cannabis, paracetomol and prescription drugs in his blood.

Earlier, Spilsby Coroner’s Court heard how wife Lisa Gibson was called to Chapel Street, Market Rasen, after the unemployed 35-year-old had overdosed.

In statements read out in court, Gibson said she had been Smith’s partner for 15 years. They wed two years ago and had three children, but separated for a time. Since then, Matthew had used drugs and on Fridays would go into Market Rasen to buy drugs.

On Friday April 4, when Smith did not return home, Ms Gibson rang him but got no answer. After texting Smith, Graham Butterworth “who Matthew got his drugs from” rung and said something like “Matty’s had an overdose.”

She phoned his dad, John Smith, and he took her from the couple’s home in Park View, Legsby, to Chapel Street where Butterworth lived. They saw Matthew Smith slumped on the sofa with his eyes closed. They slapped him to wake him up and tried CPR until paramedics arrived.

Graham Butterworth said Matthew Smith normally came round on Fridays nights and would usually take heroin. That night Matthew injected his heroin and they smoked some strong cannabis together and Matthew dozed off.

“He was sat on a sofa with a smile on his face,” continued Butterworth’s statement.

Butterworth said he checked Matthew but he did not respond, so he phoned a friend and Ms Gibson. He denied supplying the heroin.

EMAS paramedic Amanda Foreman said she saw John Smith giving CPR. But when they checked his pulse, there was nothing. Ms Gibson was shouting at Butterworth: “It’s your fault.”

Louth psychiatrist Timothy Coulter said Matthew Smith was emotionally unstable, suffered paranoia and hallucinations and in 2013 drunk 3l units of alcohol a day. Last year, he sought help but he ‘disengaged’ from the drug and alcohol teams in October.

Police said Butterworth was arrested and considered his culpability but the toxicology report “killed any suggestion any form of assistance would have helped”, thus there were no criminal proceedings against him.