Harold Ward

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Family, friends and neighbours turned out to mourn the sad loss of Harold Ward, formerly of Wragby, who lived at Willan House, Stainfield, where he passed away on August 2.

Harold, aged 83, was born at Great Sturton and was educated locally. He served in the army before moving to Wragby in 1951.

Harold was well known by everyone and worked as a joiner until his retirement in 1992.

He was a part-time fireman for more than 20 years and so it was fitting that the former and current firefighters formed a guard of honour, with four carrying the coffin and the local appliance positioned outside the church.

Harold took great pleasure in his family, loved gardening and keeping the home in good repair, was a member of the R.A.O.B. and enjoyed his weekly game of whist at the town hall.

Harold is survived by his wife Jean, son Philip and daughters Christine and Georgina, along with four grandchildren, three great-grandchildren and his beloved Jack Russell Gemma, who attended the funeral.

He will be sadly missed by so many.

The funeral service was held at All Saints Church, officiated by the Rev Canon Alan Robson, followed by internment in Wragby Cemetery.

Family mourners were: Jean Ward (wife); Philip and Diane Ward (son and daughter-in-law); Christine and Derek Fox (daughter and son-in-law); Georgina Laming (daughter); Richard Fox, Faye Jackson, Samantha Ward and Christopher Laming (grandchildren); Olivia Jackson, Alyssia Jackson and Catherine Fox (great-grandchildren); organist Sheila Cartwright.

Other mourners were: Bob Clark; Andrea and Tom Ward; Steve Alcock; Tom Finnegan; Bill Smith; Jim Towriss; Mandy Towriss; Mr and Mrs ‘Titch’ Lee; Karen Lee (also representing Rachel Lee); Miriam Lee (also representing Keith Lee); Sylvia Lowman (also representing Suzanne Lowman); Mrs South; Linda Bell (also representing John and Richard Bell); Susan Wynter (also representing Ray King); Norah Blackburn; Barbara Blackburn; John Edwards (also representing Denis Edwards); Mr Smeaton (also representing the Smeaton family and the staff of Hatton Ward, Lincoln County Hospital); Carole Savoury; Marion Rush; Pat Elwick; Mr and Mrs D Steel (also representing P Steel); Mick Shepherd (also representing Flo Shepherd); Kathleen Bruntlett (also representing Andrew Bruntlett); Margaret Vickers; Charles Cotterill; Mr and Mrs Brian Lingard (also representing Joyce and David Bratton); Kay Franklin; Mrs B Robinson; Jenny and Nigel Smith (also representing Natasha Starbuck); Joseph Hill; Mrs Ron Segasby; Leonie Segasby; Christine Spencer-Binns; Mandy Buxton-Rockley (also representing Glynn Buxton-Rockley); Eric Taylor; Maureen Pearce; Tony Ward; Murial Whittaker; René Mullen; Nicola Barnes (also representing Sharon Barnes); Ada Barnes; Margaret Barnes; Mary Bullivant; Ann Hauton (also representing the Hauton family); Pauline Cooper; Doug Clark; Keith Laming; Thelma Humberstone (also representing Sam Humberstone); Mr and Mrs G Ward; Edna Newton; Ron and Jean Goodyear; Joan Waters (also representing the Sharpe family); Mr D Sharpe; Audrey Simons; David Laughton; Mr and Mrs Hillreiner; Mr and Mrs Barnes, Senior (also representing Michelle Barnes); Mr and Mrs Alan Smart; Brendon Murphy; Alison Dunn; Jackie Harrison; Jo Knowles (also representing Roy and Lauren Knowles); Mrs V Ewington (also representing Mr Ewington and Sarah Ewington); Jane Pearson (also representing John Pearson); Mr and Mrs Shuttleworth; Helen and Geoff Hutchinson (also representing Tracey, Angela and Dean Hutchinson); Eileen Espin; Marie and Sarah South (also representing Pete and Audrey South); Steph Adams; Jean Lomas; Kate and Ged Lomas; Jamie Dixon; Sean Murphy (also representing Mr and Mrs Murphy); Tressa Machin (also representing Mark Machin and the Wragby Town Hall committee); Pat Steel (also representing Trevor Steel and Kathy Lowe); Mr and Mrs Eades; Robin Davies; Mr and Mrs Fred Robinson; Ann Johnson; Linda Scott (also representing Dave Godfrey); Jean Harris (Metheringham); Andrew Wylies; Bobbie Boyd; Rodney Alcock; Bob Paul (also representing Olive Paul); Norman Wibberley (also representing Jeanette Wibberley); Angela Fletcher; Diane and Dave Smith; Dave Howsam (also representing Jem North and Rebecca Howsam); Mick Wadhams (also representing John Epton); Mr R Barnes; Larraine and Keith Hempsall; Dot Sandaver (also representing Peter Phillipson); Fire officers, present and past – Neil Johnson, John Johnson, Ken Johnson, Alan Bruntlett, Andrew Frankish, Ty Spydey, John Boothby, Jack Whittaker, John Wilson, Kathy Dunn, Shaun Dunn, Karl McKee, Chris Lowe, Sue Whittaker, Mrs Penning (also representing Mr and Mrs Cummins), Margaret and John Kane, Colin Barber, Graham Ward, Lynn Dobson, Mr and Mrs Knowles (also representing Mrs Stubley and Mr and Mrs Hutchinson), Malc Spittals, Mr and Mrs Keith Loman, Christine and John Shiers, Nigel Ward (also representing Frank Ward, Yvonne and Keith Cook and June Wardle), Graham Ward.

Funeral arrangements were made by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services, Lincoln and all donations to go to the Fire Fighters Charity.